World Crypto Life : Every Thing You Need To Know

World Crypto Life Every Thing You Need To Know

World Crypto Life is a network marketing opportunity where affiliates recruit investing affiliates to join their teams. Each member is paid a percentage of the volume invested on both sides of the binary team. This matrix grows to unlimited depth and can be built through direct and indirect recruitment. Affiliates are paid a commission of 10% to 15% of new investment volume on either side of a binary team. The volume invested on the weaker side of the binary team is matched against the volume invested on the side of the stronger team, and any leftover volume from the stronger side carries over to the weaker side. For this commission model to work, World Crypto Life affiliates must recruit at least two investing affiliates.

IMC Token:

World Crypto Life is a massive Crypto Ponzi Scheme with an MLM-style structure. Affiliates can promote the company’s coins and earn passive income. The company is known for its 40% IMC Tokens and WCL Compensation Plan. This passive income scheme promises to pay out more than affiliates invest.

The World Crypto Life IMC Token is a cryptocurrency. It is traded on the Binance DEX, one of the largest decentralized exchanges in the world. As of now, 10 million IMC tokens are available on the DEX. It is anticipated that the price will increase to $5, and those investors who purchased BEP2 IMC tokens will enjoy the benefit of that increase.

World Crypto Life pays its affiliates 10% to 15% of their new investment volume. This means they are paid for recruiting new affiliates. The company does not set a limit on the depth of its binary teams, so associates can develop the workforce as deep as they wish. To make sure each associate is compensated fairly, World Crypto Life tracks each new investment volume on both sides of the binary group.

The company is registered and regulated in Wyoming. The IMC Token is currently priced at 39 cents on the IM Exchange. It is also worth nothing outside of WCL, as it has no external income source. Despite these drawbacks, World Crypto Life hopes to continue brokering MLM investments using crypto coins.

Like most MLM Ponzi schemes, World Crypto Life uses an MLM structure and has affiliates market the coin. It also creates its own exchange to sell the coin. In addition to that, the company has an exclusive deal with Bank of America that locks the investor’s investment for six months. However, it is worth noting that it also has a side company, IM Finservices, which uses the same deal. While this arrangement may have more credibility, it’s still a fraudulent scheme.

World Crypto Life’s IMC Token is a Blockchain Crypto that offers financial freedom in the world’s everyday usage. It will be listed on the LBank Exchange on November 10th, 2021 – the most crypto-friendly state in the U.S.

IMC Token membership package:

The IMC Token is a form of cryptocurrency. It allows you to invest in crypto assets and earn profits by buying IMC shares. In addition, the IMC wallet upgrade allows you to manage all your crypto assets and create and send payments. Moreover, you can also sell IMC tokens.

The IMC Token is not worth much in a reputable crypto exchange, so affiliate members may not cash out their profits. This means that if you’re an investor, you should be careful and check the value of the IMC Token before investing in this program.

IMC Token is a cryptocurrency that is similar to the Binance Coin. It is a utility token backed by real usage communities. As such, it will appreciate in value. The price of one IMC Token at present is about 0.4 USD, while the price of one Binance Coin has reached almost $600USD.

World Crypto Life promotes itself as a platform that incorporates modern crypto trading and marketing techniques. However, it is unclear who is behind the project. The company website does not contain information about the owner, though the domain name reveals that the company has existed for one year. The CEO of World Crypto Life would do well to mention that the company is based in California, where it is regulated by the SEC.

IMC Token membership:

The IMC Token is a cryptocurrency with a decentralized value. In fact, its value is not dependent on its membership in the World Crypto Life network. Members can withdraw their tokens from the network as they wish. The IMC Token is also a type of currency that can be bought and sold on a global scale. The company has a successful partnership with Blockchain exchange and Finder, which has collected data on play-to-earn players in wealthy countries.

Yoon was promoting World Crypto Life on his LinkedIn profile as ‘CEO’. However, he has since deleted the profile. His company is also connected to another MLM Ponzi scheme, Epika Global, and Chris Principe. They are also promoting the Onecoin Ponzi scheme. Yoon’s business partner Ruja Ignatova is still on the run and faces up to ninety years in prison if caught.

World Crypto Life limits the number of recruits in each binary team to two. The next level is twice as large as the previous level. If you’re a high-level investor, you’ll earn a 10% commission per month. World Crypto Life also has an affiliate program in which you can invest in IMEX or IMC shares.

In addition to offering its own cryptocurrency, World Crypto Life has launched a Gpoint Market, a shitcoin e-commerce platform. It pays affiliates in a cryptocurrency called Gpoints, forcing them to spend through the Gpoint Market. Moreover, World Crypto Life has also launched a “staking” program, which involves buying and parking IMC in a World Crypto Life-branded account. This allows them to increase their earnings by storing IMC on the platform.

IMC Token membership in the World Crypto Life offers a generous compensation plan, personal subject matter experts, and training materials. If you’re looking to make money in the crypto world, the IMC Token has the potential to gain significant appreciation over the next few years. As of this writing, IMC is trading at a discounted price on the IMC Exchange.

IMC Token debit card:

A few days ago, a young woman named Tasha Peltier of Dominica won a competition to become the next Calypso Virtual Monarch. The prize was a World Crypto Life membership package that included US$100 worth of IMC Tokens. The IMC token is a cryptocurrency backed by real-life communities, which means that it can be used anywhere, anytime. Its marketing arm, World Crypto Life, has a partnership with Bank Of America Mastercard, which will allow IMC token holders to use the debit card. The IMC token is sold through an MLM structure, worldwide, and owners are rewarded with IMC tokens for growing the holding/user base of other token holders.

The company also offers affiliate programs. Affiliates are paid in World Crypto Life’s IMC Tokens, which they park in a World Crypto Life account. While the World Crypto Life IMC Token debit card does not have a physical cash equivalent, it will be a good way to invest in digital currency. Affiliates have access to a wide range of tools for investing in crypto, including algorithmic trading and the IMC exchange.

Users of this card can fund it using their Ledger wallet. Until a transaction is made, the funds remain in crypto, but they are automatically converted to US dollars when a transaction is made. Users also benefit from the alternative credit feature, which allows them to borrow against their crypto holdings and spend them interest-free for 30 days. This is an excellent feature for crypto investors looking for an additional card for their crypto investments.

The IMC Token is a cryptocurrency with a decentralized system. This means that its records and transactions are verified by a network of peers. The IMC Token will become the global currency and a valuable tool for global commerce. Its aim is to become the backbone of a robust system for a global economy.

IMC Token exchange:

The IMC Token exchange is a new platform that has the potential to change the way people make payments in the world. This community-backed coin will allow users to participate in a new generation of payment tools. Moreover, it will serve as the backbone of robust systems, making it a global currency. The IMC Token is expected to disrupt several industries in the future.

There is a potential risk of losing your money on IMC Tokens if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s possible to invest in IMC Tokens but you have to know about their affiliate compensation plan first. The plan offers rewards that are proportional to the level of investment. It offers up to 80% returns.

Those who’ve tried investing in cryptocurrencies have probably heard of World Crypto Life. It uses an MLM-style system where you invest and get a cut of the profits. Because the World Crypto Life tokens aren’t on exchanges, they are locked for six months. After that, they unlock in 10% intervals. Considering the company is relatively new, I’d suggest consulting a financial advisor first. The company’s website is a good place to start if you’re curious about the token’s potential.

The World Crypto Life website presents itself as an easily accessible platform that combines modern crypto marketing and trading methods. However, there are a few problems with the company’s system. One of the main concerns is that it’s not yet a mature platform that offers modern crypto tools and technologies. Another drawback is that there are no retail products for affiliates to sell. This isn’t enough to attract customers. Furthermore, affiliates are required to recruit at least two investing affiliates before they can get paid.

MLM opportunity:

The World Crypto Life MLM opportunity offers commissions for the recruitment of new affiliate investors. The company caps the number of recruitment commissions at six uni-level team levels. Every new level has twice as many positions as the previous level. World Crypto Life also locks up new affiliate investments for six months. The company has a commission structure where affiliates can earn 80% of the commissions from the recruits they recruit.

The company has its headquarters in California. While this company has no ties to Wyoming, it is a Ponzi scheme. Its founders pretended to lobby the Wyoming state government to legalize their business model when they were actually promoting a Ponzi scheme. Among the World Crypto Life’s pitfalls is the fact that the company is selling unregistered securities. This is illegal.

Another red flag for World Crypto Life is the fact that the company has no SEC license. In addition, the company has never disclosed the identity of its owner. World Crypto Life is run by Francis Yoon, a Californian who has been involved in multiple failed crypto ventures, including Epika Global and IMC. The company also has a connection to Chris Principe, a former CFO of Epika Global.

Although World Crypto Life claims to integrate modern crypto marketing and trading strategies, it has yet to demonstrate any real innovation in its business model. The company’s COO and CEO have been linked to Ponzi scams and have worked directly with the Ponzi Queen Ruja Ignatova. It is therefore important to check this company’s background before joining.

While it is important to look at the company’s founder’s address, World Crypto Life is still in its infancy and has no retail products. Affiliates can only sell their affiliate membership to other World Crypto Life affiliates. The company invests in IMC and IMEX shares. So, there is no way to know for sure whether or not World Crypto Life is a scam.


The U.S. Treasury recently released a fact sheet on cryptocurrency regulation, which outlines their plans to work with foreign countries to ensure the security of crypto assets and maintain American primacy in the world financial system. The document is the first major release since President Biden signed an Executive Order on digital assets that committed the government to study these new financial assets. The document also outlines the steps the government plans to take to enhance U.S. leadership in the global financial system, protect American primacy, and promote technological competition.

While the markets for cryptocurrencies have shown wild fluctuations over the past decade, regulators are still grappling with the best way to monitor and classify the new technology. Some say new regulations are needed to protect investors, while others say that too much regulation will hamper competition. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s chairman, Gary Gensler, has said that current financial regulations can be applied to the world of cryptocurrencies. However, critics say that many of these rules haven’t kept pace with new developments.

The United States is still getting its house in order. Its fact sheet outlines an ambitious agenda for technology-driven financial innovation. It touches on issues such as central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, and preventing illicit usage. But it leaves open the question of who should regulate the industry. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are the two main agencies overseeing the crypto industry. However, the CFTC and the SEC are still determining which agency has primacy over cryptocurrency.

International collaboration is necessary for cryptocurrencies to gain the necessary regulatory certainty. The European Union has introduced the Markets in Crypto-Assets provisional agreement, and the US released the Framework for International Engagement on Digital Assets. These agreements are a step towards regulating the world crypto market and preventing regulatory arbitrage. They should consider the economic impacts of crypto assets and ensure they’re applied consistently across the globe.

The global financial system is undergoing a massive change as a result of the rapid rise of crypto assets. This shift could pose systemic threats to some countries. This means that there is a greater need for financial regulation in these countries.

Rewards for affiliates:

Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange, with an affiliate program that pays 40% – 50% commission on transactions. There is also a generous bonus structure for high performers. The program requires approval via a Google Form, and the company reviews active accounts every 90 days. The affiliate program is available for both new and experienced crypto users.

The Coinbase affiliate program offers a 50% commission rate on referral trading fees. This seems like a lifetime commission structure, but it does depend on the number of referrals you refer. The program also offers a $60 signup bonus. It also pays a commission on referral earnings. Moreover, the program is well suited for people interested in automated trading or cryptocurrency.

Another great option for a cryptocurrency affiliate program is Bittrex. They offer a high commission rate and provide comprehensive marketing and tracking tools. Furthermore, the exchange is relatively new, with low fees and high liquidity. This means that the conversion rate is high, and affiliates can expect a return on investment quickly.

The Blockchain Council’s affiliate program offers a lucrative and passive income opportunity. By promoting the program, you can earn 50% of every trade made. The program also allows you to track your performance and make payments based on a threshold of USD 10. This affiliate program is perfect for writers who produce unique content. Moreover, the company also offers promotional tools and assets to help increase sales.

Another cryptocurrency affiliate program that pays well is Paxful. The company has invested a lot of resources into developing its affiliate program. It rewards affiliates with a high commission rate on exchange and sales fees. It also has a free eBook and affiliate guide available to help you make more money.


After reading this blog, you might have got everything in-depth about the World Crypto Life. Everyone is talking about it now because of its rising trends, but have no doubt–not everyone can afford to invest in cryptocurrencies.

One should be very careful while investing. Only do it if the financial situation allows you to do so with full security and peace of mind – not just for your short-term goals but also for your long-term goals.

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