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If you are looking for local TV stations in Southwest Florida, check out WINK NEWS. Owned by the McBride family, it is one of a few locally owned television stations. The station airs local news in high definition. In addition to that, it airs two soap operas out of the usual pattern. If you don’t live in Southwest Florida, you can check out their official website. WINK is the CBS affiliate for Southwest Florida.

WINK News Transmitter Is Located North Of Fort Myers:

WINK NEWS has long been the leading news station in Fort Myers. The station was the only one in the area that received a clear signal on VHF frequencies until the 1970s when cable television arrived. The station now competes with WBBH for attention from the Fort Myers area. Besides WINK NEWS, WINK-FM also offers top stories and the Southwest Florida News-Leader.

WINK NEWS is a CBS affiliate that covers Lee, Collier, Sarasota, and Hendry counties. It also provides coverage to the communities of Charlotte, DeSoto, Highlands, and Hardee. The station is owned and operated by the McBride family. It is available on a number of cable networks and on digital channels. You can also watch the station’s programming online through the Live News Globe.

The Fort Myers, Florida television station is owned and operated by the McBride family. It is one of a handful of locally owned and operated stations in the state. Fort Myers Broadcasting Company also provides services to three Naples-licensed stations, including CW affiliate WXCW, low-power Univision affiliate WUVF-LD, and Azteca America affiliate WANA-LD.

WINK NEWS was founded in 1954 and began broadcasting on 23 March 1954. The station was owned by Mickey Mcbride, a taxicab magnate and founder of the Cleveland Browns. It was the first station to air breaking news and local news in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida. In fact, it shares its studio space with three sister networks. This has led to some confusion regarding the station’s location and identity.

WINK NEWS’s logo is similar to that of WFTM. It was initially a radio station called WFTM. It was the first licensed radio broadcast station in Southwest Florida. The Fort Myers Broadcasting Company sold the station to the McBride family in 1946. The McBride family later purchased the station from the Fort Myers Broadcasting Company and renamed it WINK NEWS.

WINK News Airs Local News In High Definition:

WINK NEWS started airing local news in high definition in 2007 after making a major investment in the new format. The station purchased new studio and field cameras, weather computers, and graphics to produce high-definition broadcasts. In addition to the new format, the station expanded its morning newscast to air at seven o’clock in the morning and at one o’clock in the afternoon. It also launched a 7 o’clock newscast on weeknights.

WINK NEWS is owned by a group of Tampa Bay-area residents and is headquartered in the city of St. Petersburg. Lindsey Sablan is the news anchor and co-anchor of Good Day Tampa Bay. She is a Florida native who began her career working as a production assistant for a local television station. She has since moved to bigger markets to work in television and radio.

WINK NEWS started broadcasting in 1954. It was the fifth oldest television channel at the time of its launch. The station covers the Fort Myers area and surrounding areas. WINK NEWS also airs popular television shows, such as Castle, Inside Edition, and TMZ on TV. WINK NEWS is available on most major cable networks and digital channels. The station’s website and live news globe can also be accessed online.

WINK NEWS is the first local news station in the state of Florida to broadcast in high definition. The station has upgraded its equipment and added HD studio cameras, weather computers, and graphics to create high-quality broadcasts. The high-definition news service was inaugurated with the 7 o’clock newscast. The McBride family, which owns four other radio stations in the area, is responsible for WINK NEWS.

WINK News Airs Two Soap Operas Out Of Pattern:

WINK NEWS has cleared its schedule for the entire CBS daytime schedule, including two soap operas out of the pattern. The Bold and the Beautiful and the Young and the Restless air on the station at 10:30 and 1 P.M., respectively, about half an hour later than the typical CBS affiliate. It’s unclear why WINK NEWS would air two soap operas out of the pattern, but it may be to avoid competition with CBS affiliates.

It Has Two News Bureaus:

WINK NEWS produces news reports from two separate bureaus in the Naples and Charlotte area. The Charlotte County bureau is located inside the newsroom of the Charlotte Sun Herald in Port Charlotte, and the Naples / Collier Bureau is located on 8th Street South in downtown Naples. Both stations use the same weather radar, called SKYTracker Doppler HD, which is also used by the sister station WXCW. The two news bureaus share microphones, and WINK NEWS’s vans are often seen alongside those of the WFOR Channel 4 news vans.

WINK NEWS has made major investments in upgrading its broadcasting equipment and technology. It purchased new studio and field cameras, weather computers, and graphics. It launched a 7 o’clock newscast and is repeating the Noon news on WXCW-TV at 1 p.m., while also launching its own 7 o’clock newscast. WINK NEWS is now the most widely watched cable news channel in the area.

WINK also hired several former FGCU journalism students to work in their Charlotte bureau. While some of them are still in college, others recently graduated from FGCU. Some work in public relations and others produce public service announcements and television shows. In the Charlotte bureau, Cody Bunch and Erika Jackson are competing for the same news stories. However, they became friends after meeting in a North Port home. Both had ridden motorcycles for over a decade, and Bunch’s BMW motorcycle was his fourth.


WINK NEWS is a CBS affiliate in Southwest Florida. The station is locally owned by the McBride family. As one of the few locally owned television stations in the area, WINK NEWS focuses on local news and features interviews with residents and visitors. Additionally, WINK NEWS works with other news organizations in the area, including WFOR Channel 4’s news van. These partnerships allow the news station to better reflect the community it serves.

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