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WHIZ News is a radio station in Zanesville, Ohio. It’s a commercial station that features a full-service format. Marquee Broadcasting owns WHIZ news. WHIZ news is an NBC affiliate. The station has been in business for more than 50 years. Its format includes local news, sports, weather, and more.

Whiz News Is Owned By Marquee Broadcasting:

WHIZ news is owned by Marquee and could be affiliated with CBS, ABC, or ION on subchannels. However, WBNS and WSYX still get more viewers because of their sports coverage. Moreover, Zanesville is a one-horse town surrounded by the Columbus DMA. Hence, a potential NBC affiliate could benefit the market. In fact, the previous owners of the station moved the station closer to Columbus to grab listeners.

Marquee Broadcasting has acquired the WHIZ news Media Group in Zanesville, Ohio for $10.7 million. The company’s properties include WHIZ AM and WZVL-FM. The company is owned by Brian and Patricia Lane and operates other television stations in Maryland, Georgia, and Kentucky. It expects to close the sale later this year.

Marquee is a small broadcasting company with several television stations in the United States. WHIZ news, which is owned by Marquee Broadcasting, is currently carried on several cable systems in the surrounding counties. It used to reach as far west as Lancaster, Ohio, but has not done so in the last several years.

WHIZ-FM is a commercial radio station that broadcasts pop music and contemporary hit radio format. It is affiliated with NBC and is owned by the Southeastern Ohio Broadcasting System. It often goes by the name WHIZ News Media Group. WHIZ-FM is located at Downard Road in Zanesville.

While the Littick family has long controlled WHIZ News Media Group, the company was recently sold to Salisbury-based Marquee Broadcasting. It also owns the Salisbury market’s WMDT. This is a big change for WHIZ news as it will no longer have exclusive rights to carry NBC in central Ohio. As a result, WCMH-TV is likely to claim the NBC franchise in central Ohio.

WHIZ-TV has remained the primary NBC affiliate in Zanesville since its launch. Before that, it cherry-picked CBS and ABC programming. In addition, it aired some DuMont programming as early as the 1950s. Currently, WHIZ-TV is the sole commercial television station in Zanesville. Columbus-based Charter Spectrum has additional stations in the area. WHIZ-TV first started broadcasting digital on channel 40 in 2003. Today, the channel airs popular shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show, Access Hollywood, Family Feud, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Whiz News Is An NBC-Affiliated Television Station:

WHIZ news is an NBC-affiliated television station based in Columbus, Ohio. The station is owned by Marks Radio Group, which also owns WBKB-TV 11 in Alpena, Michigan. In the future, Marks may add another station to its portfolio on digital subchannels, or it may merge with another station in the group. This could increase the number of newscasts on the station.

Marquee is a small fish in a big pond. If it’s owned by NBC, Nexstar, Tegna, or Sinclair, they will want it. In Zanesville, Marquee should put up a subchannel or two. Its ownership structure means it can relay its signal to Columbus stations and vice versa.

In Zanesville, Ohio, Marquee Broadcasting will acquire WHIZ News Media Group. The sale includes WHIZ news, an NBC affiliate, four radio stations, and three digital properties. Marquee Broadcasting’s sale is expected to close later this year.

WHIZ-TV has been an NBC affiliate since it started broadcasting in 1952. Prior to that, the station aired a mix of CBS and ABC programming. It also aired some DuMont programming during the 1950s. The station currently operates on digital channel 40. The station is part of the Southeastern Ohio Broadcasting System and also operates sister stations WHIZ-AM and WHIZ-FM.

Whiz News Is A Commercial Radio Station:

WHIZ news is a commercial radio station in Zanesville, Ohio, owned by the Littick family. The station was founded in 1924 as a 10-watt operation in Cambridge, Ohio, and moved to Zanesville in 1930. In 1939, the call letters were changed to WHIZ news. The station was owned for 75 years by the Littick family, who also built a television companion station and several FM radio stations.

WHIZ-FM was originally licensed to 102.5 FM, but the WHIZ news Media Group purchased that station in October 2008. Its transmitter is located in Crooksville, Ohio, and the studios are located at Downard Road in Zanesville. The station broadcasts a variety of music in a Top 40 format and is affiliated with the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds.

Whiz News In Zanesville, Ohio:

WHIZ news is a commercial radio station in Zanesville, Ohio. It is a full-service formatted station. It is a great choice for local news and weather. The station is a part of the WHIZ Media Group, a Southeastern Ohio Broadcasting Company. For more information, check out WHIZ-TV and WHIZ-FM.

Whiz Media Group Southeastern Ohio Broadcasting Company:

WHIZ Media Group is a broadcast media company that offers local news, sports, and weather information. The company is owned by the Littick family and has been broadcasting in Southeastern Ohio for over 75 years. The company has a strong presence in the area and has numerous stations.

The WHIZ Media Group Southeastern Ohio Broadcasting company interview questions are designed to help you ace the interview. These questions are based on the company’s research and operations, and they will help you perform better in the interview. Whether you are fresh out of college or have worked in the media industry for many years, you can benefit from the practice questions provided here.

WHIZ news has three radio stations in Southeastern Ohio, including WHIZ-FM in Zanesville and WZVL in Philadelphia. WHIZ news also operates the NBC affiliate WHIZ-TV. Until early 2008, the company operated the CW Plus stations in Parkersburg and Zanesville. The company later sold the Zanesville station to another radio company, and it moved it to the Columbus market. WWLG, meanwhile, is operated by Urban One through a local marketing agreement with the company.

WHIZ-TV is an NBC affiliate and is available on virtual channel 18. The station is owned by Southeastern Ohio Broadcasting Company (WHIZ Media Group), which also operates radio stations WHIZ-1240 AM and WZVL (103.7 FM). The radio station and the television station share the same building at Downard Road in Zanesville, Ohio.


WHIZ-TV is a television station that is part of the NBC family and broadcasts from Zanesville, Ohio. The station was established in 1952 and originally transmitted on Canal 50, which provided a capacity of 500 televisors in the Zanesville area. In 1954, WHIZ news moved to Canal 18 and increased its power to 186 kW. It also began broadcasting in stereo sound. In 2003, WHIZ-TV went digital.

The station is carried on several cable systems in the surrounding area. In addition, it is also shown on cable systems in several neighboring counties, such as Nelsonville, Ohio, and Lancaster, Ohio. However, it has not been carried on systems west of Perry County in recent years. In addition, WHIZ news is seen on cable systems in several adjacent counties.

WHIZ-TV’s original affiliate was a CBS station, but it became an NBC affiliate in 1966. WHIZ news also aired some DuMont programming in the 1950s. In 2003, WHIZ went digital on Channel 40. The station also operates a CW Plus station in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and radio stations WZVL and WKZN.


WHIZ-FM whiz news is a local news radio station with a long history of broadcasting in Zanesville, Ohio. For over 3/4 of a century, the station has served the community. The station broadcasts to Muskingum and surrounding counties. It is a single-channel, 1KW station.

In addition to being a local news radio station, WHIZ-TV is a member of the Columbus-area Charter Spectrum system. The station is the only commercial station in Zanesville, Ohio, and is a primary NBC affiliate. It also airs local sports programming, including high school basketball games on Friday nights. WHIZ-TV began broadcasting digital on channel 40 in 2003. Today, viewers can catch a variety of shows on the station, including The Kelly Clarkson Show, Access Hollywood, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Family Feud.

WHIZ-FM is owned by Marquee Broadcasting, which also owns WHIZ-AM and WHIZ-FM. The radio station will continue to provide local news and sports coverage. The company plans to retain the license for WHIZ-FM and other WHIZ news stations. The sale of the entire WHIZ Media Group is expected to close later this year. Once the sale is finalized, all of the stations will continue to serve the community.

WHIZ-FM (92.7 FM) is a commercial radio station in Zanesville, Ohio. It is an NBC-affiliated station with a virtual channel 18 designations. WHIZ-FM and WZVL (103.7 FM) are sister stations. Both radio stations are operated under a local marketing agreement.


The WHIZ Media Group, which includes the NBC affiliate WHIZ-TV and radio stations WZVL-FM and WHIZ-AM South Zanesville, is selling its media properties. The family-owned company founded WHIZ in 1953 and also owns four other radio stations. The sale of the media properties is expected to close later this year. Marquee Broadcasting is the buyer, and it will keep the license for WZVL-FM and the WHIZ-TV stations.

The WHIZ newsroom is located in a historic brick building that dates back to the beginning of television. The studio is across the hall, and the control room serves as the master control and production control for WHIZ-TV. The station has a staff of about thirty-five people.

WHIZ-FM is owned by WHIZ Media Group, which also owns WCVZ (92.7 FM). The station broadcasts a Top 40 format. Its transmitter is located in Crooksville, Ohio, where it also has studios. It has a license to broadcast in South Zanesville, Ohio.

WHIZ-TV has been the primary NBC affiliate in Zanesville since its opening in 1966. Prior to that, it aired CBS and ABC programming. In the 1950s, it was a DuMont affiliate. It is still the only commercial television station in the city. Columbus-based Charter Spectrum’s Zanesville system supplements WHIZ-TV with additional stations. The station began broadcasting digital on channel 40 in 2003 and features programming such as the Kelly Clarkson Show, Access Hollywood, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Family Feud.


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