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Thermal Phone Case

A thermal phone case protects your phone against the sun’s radiation while keeping the phone cool. This type of case is also known as a thermo-insulator. One popular type is called a Phoozy. It was created by Kevin Conway, a former Nascar driver who knew thermal phone cases were the wave of the future. Conway took his idea to Shark Tank and was successful.

A thermal phone case is an excellent choice for protecting your mobile device from cold temperatures. Unlike other phone covers, these thermal phone cases do not heat up your device. The materials used in these cases are able to prevent thermal radiation from the phone, which is good for your phone’s battery life. These cases are made of waterproof cloth and are not likely to interfere with your phone’s WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellular signals.

A thermal phone case is an innovation that applies spacesuit engineering to everyday items, such as phones.

PHOOZY’s Xp3 Series:

PHOOZY’s XP series thermal phone case offers a range of features to protect your device. Its heat, cold, drop, and float resistant has multi-point attachments, and includes a stash pocket. Its incredibly flexible design also makes it easy to fit your phone in a variety of different hands.

Whether your device is small or big, the XP3 Thermal Capsule is the perfect solution. It protects your phone from extreme temperatures and won’t interfere with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular signals. This protective case also allows you to access the charging port. Its extra-large size also fits most larger phones.

The XP3 series thermal phone case is equipped with five layers of protection that have been adapted from NASA spacesuit technology. They reflect up to 90% of the heat in the sun and insulate your device in cold weather. Plus, they extend battery life up to four times. The case is also waterproof and features an integrated stash pocket for cards and cash.

PHOOZY’s XP3 series thermal phone cases are designed to keep your device warm in cold temperatures. Unlike standard cases, they offer increased battery life of up to 4X. They also secure your phone’s ID, credit cards, and cash, and can even be attached to a variety of surfaces.


The PHOOZY Apollo XL Thermal Phone Case is made with NASA-inspired technology, which keeps your mobile device at a comfortable temperature. It’s patented Chromium Thermal Barrier reflects 90 percent of heat away from your phone. The inner layers of this case also help to insulate your mobile device from cold, extending battery life by up to four times. This case is waterproof and shock-proof, making it ideal for everyday use.

Its integrated antimicrobial technology helps protect your device from germs and droplets. This protective case prevents your phone from getting dirt on it – a common problem. It also protects your phone from overheating in hot weather and helps preserve battery life. You can buy one from the PHOOZY website or Amazon.

It fits almost all major phone lines, including the iPhone 6-12 series, the Samsung Galaxy S and Note units, and the Google Pixel. It also fits a variety of tablet devices, including Samsung Galaxy Tab devices and Surface Go, which makes it perfect for tablet users. You can even use this case with your tablet for added protection.

The PHOOZY Apollo XL Thermal Phone Case meets or exceeds the military standard of 810G 516.6, making it the ultimate protection for your device.

PHOOZY ClimateCapsule:

The ClimateCapsule thermal phone case protects your phone from extreme temperatures. It is made with a Chromium Shell, which reflects 90 percent of solar radiation. Another layer, SpaceTech Ripstop, provides a layer of toughness and insulation. In addition, a soft touch protective liner covers your phone’s screen, protecting it from nicks and scratches.

The case is waterproof and features military-grade drop protection. It also features a shock-absorbing layer and protects against overheating and freezing. The case doesn’t interfere with cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connectivity. You can even swim with it on, as the case keeps your device on the surface of the water.

The PHOOZY ClimateCapsule Thermal Phone Case is made of materials originally developed for use in space missions. It offers the best possible protection for your phone. Its patented, space-grade construction keeps it safe from shock and ensures that it floats in water.

Another key feature of the ClimateCapsule is its ability to protect your phone from extreme temperature changes. Designed to protect your phone against extreme heat and cold, the Case also protects your phone from the sun. It can even protect your phone’s camera lens. Another benefit of the ClimateCapsule is that it can also protect your phone from drops.

The ClimateCapsule thermal phone case is compatible with the iPhone 11. It works by changing color according to the temperature. The case changes color when it reaches a certain temperature, but it will return to its original color after it cools down. It’s also compatible with wireless charging. Because it’s made of heat-preserving materials, it won’t interfere with cellular or WiFi signals. The case can be easily removed for charging and doesn’t add bulk to your phone.

West Slope Case:

Whether you’re on a camping trip or on a hiking expedition, the West Slope Case provides excellent protection for your thermal phone. Made of rugged TPU, it resists moisture and debris. It features RF welded seams and an airtight magnetic closure, ensuring your device is secure and protected from the elements.

The West Slope Case is designed to protect your thermal phone from extreme temperatures. It also protects it from sudden falls and accidental falls. This case is also completely waterproof. And it weighs just 90 grams. It features an airtight magnetic closure for added security and can fit most smartphones. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

A thermal phone case offers 360-degree protection, including a stash pocket. Its waterproof design protects your phone from freezing and overheating, and it also prevents dents and scratches. It can fit most medium-sized phones. It’s waterproof to 4 feet and features multiple attachment points to keep it secure.

This rugged case is made with top-quality materials. It uses NASA-developed technology to reflect 90 percent of solar radiation, protecting your phone from damaging heat. It can also prolong your phone’s battery life. It’s water-resistant and compatible with wireless charging and Bluetooth.

Chromium Thermal Barrier:

This case is inspired by NASA’s spacesuit technology and was designed to reflect 90% of solar radiation, keeping your phone cooler in hot weather and longer lasting. It prevents heat from penetrating the phone and extends its battery life by as much as four times. It also protects the phone from accidental drops and is water-resistant.

This case is patented and features a 5-layer protection system based on NASA’s spacesuit technology. It’s waterproof and reflects 90% of solar radiation, which prolongs battery life. It’s also durable and can be attached to a belt, backpack, or carabiner. Another bonus is that it doesn’t interfere with cellular signals. If you’re the type of person who’s always on the go, this case is a must-have accessory.

ClimateCase 800 Series:

A climateCase is an innovative thermal phone case that can help your phone stay cool in hot or cold environments. The ClimateCase can be used in a microwave or refrigerator, and it will keep your phone cool without overheating it. It can also be used to restore a frozen phone. It keeps your phone safe from scratches while allowing it to recharge and play music.

The ClimateCase protects your smartphone from excessive heat by using an eight-layer heating and cooling system. This neoprene case will prevent your phone from overheating, even if you accidentally drop it. This case is also impact-resistant, so it won’t harm your phone.

ClimateCase is a company that creates protective cases for cell phones and other devices. Their technology is inspired by NASA’s spacesuit design. The patented Chromium Thermal Barrier reflects 90% of the heat away from your device. The inner layers also insulate your phone to extend battery life up to four times when you’re in cold conditions. Just be sure not to leave it in a hot car for too long.

Thermal phone cases are increasingly popular among users. The cases protect your phone from extreme temperatures, and they’re easy to use, which is perfect for people on the go. Because they’re small and lightweight, you can easily carry them in your pocket or purse. Plus, they’re quite affordable, too.

UltraGrip EZ-Open Pull Tabs:

If you’re interested in an easy way to open your thermal phone case, UltraGrip’s EZ-Open pull tabs will help you do just that. These pull tabs are a great option because they allow you to open the case quickly and easily in any condition. In addition, they’re large enough to be easily gripped but small enough to avoid being awkward to use.

These thermal phone cases will help you keep your phone cool even in extreme temperatures and protect it from scratches and dents. They also provide a way to keep your phone safe when you’re on the go. These cases are designed to last and are highly durable. Some models even surpass the military’s drop-test standards by twofold!

Thermal Phone Case Water-Resistant Flotation:

A Water-resistant Flotation thermal phone case protects your phone from water, sand, and scratches. Its translucent walls do not obstruct your view, allowing you to take the best photos possible. In addition, it features dual locking features, making it safe to use in water.

It features double PVC layers for maximum protection. It can float 100 feet underwater without damaging your phone. The case also features a snap and lock closure that prevents water from leaking inside. Moreover, its transparent walls allow you to view pictures and operate the screen without any difficulty.

The case also works with most phone models. However, its design makes it pricey, and its lanyard tends to break. Moreover, the waterproof design has some limitations. It doesn’t protect your phone’s flashlight or flash. Hence, you should purchase a case that matches your phone model. Some of the waterproof cases also come with a lanyard strap and an air cushion to keep your phone dry.

These cases are designed for days spent on the water. They come with a neck strap or lanyard to prevent accidental drops into the water. They can also help you find your phone when you lose it. Many of them have a detachable neck strap that fits anywhere from thirteen inches to 21 inches.

The Water-resistant Flotation thermal phone case is a special case for your cell phone. It protects the phone from extreme temperatures, extends battery life, and prevents overheating. Furthermore, it is compatible with most cell phones.

Thermal Phone Case Integrated Nasa Spacesuit Technology:

A thermal phone case using NASA spacesuit technology could make your phone warmer on a cold day. This innovative design is based on the latest textile technologies developed for NASA’s next-generation spacesuit. The new suit is expected to be fully functional for astronaut missions beyond low earth orbit (LEO) and will have additional features like exploration mobility.

The materials used to make space suits are rigorously tested before they are sent to space. Each component undergoes a “leak Proof leak” test, in which the leak rate is recorded. The leakage rate must not exceed a few standard cubic centimeters per minute. The components are then assessed again when they are under operational pressure.

The current NASA spacesuit technology utilizes a ball-bearing-supported centrifugal fan to circulate the ventilation stream. The design phase for the next generation of the PLSS is underway, and engineers are evaluating all of the available technologies to determine which one is best suited for space applications. These factors include weight, volume, power, and reliability.

In order to keep astronauts comfortable and cool, NASA is using a new technology called the Spacesuit Evaporation Rejection Flight Experiment (SERFE) to test its new active thermal control technology in the ISS. This system is capable of keeping electronics cool during a spacewalk.

Integrated NASA spacesuit technology keeps the phone cool by reflecting 90% of the heat away from the phone. Its inner layers also insulate the device to extend the battery life four times under cold conditions. It also protects the phone’s battery from a variety of harmful germs and bacteria. And it’s water-resistant. It also floats.

Thermal Phone Case CoolVergence Heat Dissipation Technology:

The CoolVergence heat dissipating technology for thermal phone cases helps to prevent overheating and reduce the risk of overheating during gaming. The material is made to be hygienic and easy to clean. It has been infused with antimicrobial technology to resist bacteria on different surfaces and is designed to resist sweat generated from long gaming sessions. The case can be removed for easy cleaning, and the company offers hassle-free customer service and a limited lifetime warranty.

Graphite is a highly thermally conductive material. It can serve as a passive cooling system, drawing heat from the PCB and dissipating it to the outside atmosphere. Graphene, which is a monolayer of graphite, is an even better option for heat dissipation. This material is 40 times stronger than diamond. In addition to providing passive cooling, graphene can be converted into an active cold plate using thermoelectric cooling.

The CoolVergence thermal phone case is designed to fit most phones. This case does not interfere with wireless signals and can even reflect up to 90% of the heat produced by the sun. It also uses NASA spacesuit technology to prevent thermal radiation. It is easy to install and comes with a waterproof, textured bumper edge. This case is compatible with Qi wireless charging.

Thermal phone cases also have multiple layers of insulation, so they don’t hinder the connectivity of the phone. Some thermal cases also offer water resistance, which keeps your phone safe from splashing water. However, a thermal case cannot protect your phone if it is submerged in water.

Universal Design:

A thermal phone case is a perfect accessory if you frequently use your phone for long periods of time. They can help prevent overloading your phone and causing it to shut down. They also protect your phone from damage. These versatile accessories are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. They are also very convenient to use and will ensure that you get the maximum protection for your phone.

Many of these products are designed for people with disabilities. Thermal phone cases should also be easy to clean. Most cases are made from reusable material. Many come with an integrated stand that can be removed with a simple wipe. Many thermal phone cases are also waterproof.

Benefits Of A Thermal Phone Case:

Thermal phone cases are becoming increasingly popular. This new type of case is designed to help keep your phone cooler. These cases are available from many manufacturers. The quality varies, and you should shop around to find the best one for your specific needs. Among the best thermal phone cases are those made by Phoozy, Lei Li Zoom Hill, and Safacus Thermal.

Another benefit of thermal phone cases is that they protect your phone from heat and liquid damage. Many of them also have an antibacterial lining that’s ten times more effective than regular covers. They also protect your phone from overheating and protect it from scratches. Some thermal cases are waterproof up to four feet and also include a stash pocket.

Other benefits of thermal phone cases include water resistance, shock absorption, and protection from extreme temperature fluctuations. Some of these cases are made for rugged environments and are compatible with most smartphones. For example, the West Slope case is waterproof and contains an aerogel layer for antimicrobial protection. It weighs ninety grams and comes with a lifetime warranty.


The conclusion of thermal phone cases depends on whether they can prevent the mobile phone from overheating. The material used to make the case is a major factor. Cases made of wood or leather can trap the heat generated by the gadget, causing it to overheat. The length of time spent on the mobile also affects its risk of overheating. If you play graphic-intensive games on your mobile, you are especially at risk of overheating. That’s where thermal phone cases come in they protect your phone from extreme temperatures. In addition to this, they are made of high-quality environmental-friendly PC materials, which reduce shock and provide the ultimate protection for your phone.

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