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The Boston Business Journal is one of the leading business media organizations in the region. As one of 45 markets owned by American City Business Journals, it offers a wealth of marketing and sponsorship opportunities for businesses, organizations, and individuals. To get started, download a copy of the Boston Business Journal today and get in touch with an advertising representative to learn more. This publication is read by more than 25,000 business owners, professionals, and visitors every week. There are many ways to get involved with the Boston Business Journal.

Best Places To Work Celebration:

The Best Places to Work celebration in Boston Business Journal is a chance to recognize the region’s best workplaces. The Boston Business Journal, one of the region’s premier business media companies, will honor the region’s best employers at an event on June 16 at Boston Park Plaza. This year’s honorees include Surface Oncology, an immuno-oncology company that is developing next-generation immunotherapies that target the tumor microenvironment. Among other categories, Surface was recognized in the small to midsize category. The award program will recognize a total of 220 companies by 2022.

The Business Journal received submissions from 220 Boston-area companies. Out of these submissions, 80 companies were recognized. These 80 winners were determined through a survey administered by Quantum Workplace, which tabulated the employee surveys. The winners were ranked according to their highest employee survey scores in each category. The winners will be recognized at a celebration on June 16 at Boston Park Plaza, and the award-winning companies will be recognized in the Best Places to Work publication.

The award-winning company’s employees voted Rave Mobile Safety as one of the 100 Best Places to Work in Massachusetts for the 12th consecutive year. The Framingham-based company provides collaboration and critical communication technology to improve crisis incidents, increase resilience, and facilitate planned events. The Boston Business Journal chose Rave because of its outstanding work environment, and a culture that is conducive to creativity and innovation.

The 2021 Year In Review:

The year that was 2021 was full of change and disruption, but it was also a good year for PC gamers. Games such as Forza Horizon 5 were released on PC, and many previously console-exclusive titles were also released for the PC. Moreover, 2021 brought a range of games from independent developers and best-in-class first-party studios. As a result, PC gamers had a wide choice of hardware, games, and services.

In the United States, the year was marked by a series of significant events. These events took place in June, as the European Championships of Football, or EURO 2020, brought nations together. This tournament brought attention to a variety of issues and was one of the hottest topics of the year. In addition, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo was held in 2020, which had a similar effect on Italy and Kenya. Overall, the year was filled with many events and important themes, making it a good year for the U.S.-Africa relationship.

The United States will make strides in addressing societal vulnerabilities. For example, the Supreme Court will hear the most important case in the history of gun control, and the outcome won’t bode well for gun-control advocates. The report will also discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the biopharmaceutical industry. It will highlight scientific advancement and collaboration as well as progress towards sustainability goals. It will also highlight partnerships that aim to address global health challenges and barriers to care.

Students Demand Action has grown to nearly 450 chapters in the United States. The organization has organized thousands of student volunteers to take action against the issue of gun violence. As a result, it hosts national summits, engages in state legislative campaigns, and supports local city gun violence initiatives. In 2021, the organization will continue its electoral work. It will also focus on promoting secure storage policies and educating parents about safe firearm storage.

Book Of Lists:

Boston Business Journal’s Book of Lists is a compilation of business and finance lists that highlight local companies in a variety of categories. These lists are ideal for sales prospecting, fundraising, and business research. They feature information about the top people, companies, and nonprofit organizations in the area.

The Book of Lists is the most trusted directory of local businesses, a reference that is regularly read by thousands of readers. Its glossy four-color format ensures that the publication has lasting value even after it hits the newsstands. The book also offers an exclusive advertising space next to an industry list, directly across from potential customers. This advertising placement is exceptional value for money and results in a yearlong exposure for your company.

The Boston Business Journal is a leading business media organization in Massachusetts. The magazine captures the pulse of the Boston Business Journal through award-winning reporting and award-winning writing. It has published news and business coverage for over 40 years. This year, the publication recognizes 50 professionals changing the landscape of Boston Business Journal for the better. The publication also recognizes businesses for their hard work and ongoing dedication to their clients.

One list focuses on emerging companies and technology. According to Crunchbase, seven Greater Boston companies made the list. These companies are growing rapidly. Magellan Jets, CEO Stephen Aborn, and BANKW Staffing are just a few examples. The Boston Business Journal’s Book of Lists 2022 will feature the most successful businesses and organizations in the Boston area.

Raytheon’s Move To Mass:

In July of this year, Raytheon will change its corporate address from Virginia to Massachusetts. The move will be accompanied by a “light expansion” of leased space in Virginia. The company has been in the Boston area since 1922. In February, Raytheon bought United Technologies, a company that makes commercial airplane engines and parts. The move will make Raytheon’s presence in Massachusetts even more noticeable.

The company says the move will help it become more agile and build stronger partnerships in the aerospace industry. While Raytheon has four business units in Virginia, the move is not about tax incentives. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has played down the local impact of Raytheon’s move, saying the company informed him of its plans a few days before the announcement. While the move may be a big boost for the Massachusetts economy, it could negatively impact the area’s economic development.

The company is a major arms manufacturer and aerospace contractor, with local and suburban Boston Business Journal locations. The move, however, raises questions about Raytheon’s long-term commitment to the state. What about civic involvement, giving, and facility investment decisions? What will be the company’s long-term impact in Massachusetts? The answer depends on the company’s long-term plans. Whether it stays in Massachusetts or relocates elsewhere is another question.

Though the company will retain its headquarters in Waltham, the majority of its business will be located in Virginia. This will help the company’s space and intelligence businesses in the U.S. be more accessible and facilitate collaboration. Further, the location will be closer to Washington, D.C., which is a convenient travel hub. This will allow Raytheon to better service its customers and expand its innovative technology. If all goes well, the move could have major implications for the aerospace industry.

After the pandemic, the company expanded its reach in Connecticut, where it employs several thousand employees. The move to Massachusetts was one of the first in a decade for Raytheon. The company’s headquarters in Massachusetts is now more than a hundred miles away from Connecticut. As of Tuesday, its headcount in Massachusetts was just over twelve thousand. Though it may have grown to a sizeable level before the pandemic, many employees now work remotely or in hybrid mode.

While Raytheon’s move to Massachusetts may seem to be nothing more than a change of address, it is worth noting that the state did not seek any financial incentives to attract the company. However, the state’s Associated Industries of Massachusetts said that the move is likely to make a huge difference in the state’s economy. The company has also said that its decision to move to Massachusetts may be linked to the state’s push for the so-called millionaire’s tax.


The reacHIRE program helps women get back into the workforce after a period of unemployment or underemployment. The program offers tech training, career coaching, and work assignments to qualified women. Several of the participants have advanced degrees and have held middle management positions. The program has been honored with a WomenUp Women of Influence Award by the Boston Business Journal.

The program connects skilled women with local companies looking for qualified individuals. Women who complete the program are highly educated, experienced, and have the highest retention rates of any return-to-work program. Many participants have had success in their chosen fields, including the biotech and medical fields.

Through its programs, reacHIRE helps companies find the best and most innovative talent in the market. It offers customized training programs designed for specific business needs. It partners with Fortune 500 companies to provide a pipeline of talented professional women. The company works with 1.6 million women committed to resuming their careers.

Returners are encouraged to apply to job openings posted on reacHIRE’s jobs board. Candidates who meet the requirements are considered for the first round of interviews, which is conducted by reacHIRE’s internal recruiters. After that, a hiring manager from the client company conducts a second interview to choose the Returner for the job. Once accepted, the successful candidates begin their new roles on a pre-set date.

ReacHIRE is a nonprofit organization in Massachusetts that helps women with a long career break transition back into the workforce. The mission of the organization is to help women find jobs by partnering with forward-thinking companies and creating a positive environment where they can succeed and lead. By offering training and coaching, reacHIRE helps women re-enter the workforce, and has recently expanded to a fourth location in Seattle.

Fast 50:

The Boston Business Journal has recognized the fastest-growing private companies in Greater Boston. The list is based on revenue growth from 2018 to 2021. The Fast 50 award recognizes Boston companies that are creating an innovative environment for business growth. The Fast 50 list is exclusive to companies with headquarters in Massachusetts. The companies in this category must have a track record of fast growth and expansion and demonstrate a commitment to the Boston area’s economic well-being.

DemandScience is a global B2B data company that helps customers streamline sales pipelines. It was recently named to the Boston Business Journal’s Fast 50 List, representing the fastest-growing private companies in the state. DemandScience has also been named to the Financial Times’ The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2022 list, a list that recognizes the fastest-growing companies in North America.

The BBJ Fast 50 celebration was originally set for May, but the date has been pushed back to November. The Fast 50 celebration will include a special publication in the Business Journal on May 22 that ranks the companies based on their revenue. The event will take place at the Aloft Hotel Seaport in South Boston. For more information, visit the Boston Business Journal’s Fast 50 website.

Veristat, a full-service Clinical Research Organization, was recently named one of the Fast 50 private companies in Massachusetts. The Boston Business Journal estimates that over 4,000 privately held firms are in the state today, and the Fast 50 list recognizes these companies as the fastest-growing companies in Massachusetts.

Best Places To Work List:

The Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list recognizes the area’s best employers. This year, Beacon Hill Staffing Group was named to the list as the third best place to work among large employers. The company climbed three spots from last year’s ranking. It has now been named on the list for eight consecutive years. The list honors 79 companies throughout the greater Boston area.

Best Places to Work honorees were announced in the Boston Business Journal on September 30, and a special issue will be released on Oct. 2. Allego’s recognition is further testament to its dedication to its employees. The company was previously named Best Workplace by Inc. Magazine in 2020, and Selling Power listed it among its 50 Best Companies to Sell For.

Forward Financing: The financial technology firm recently refreshed its brand, celebrated Women’s History Month with events, and hired Jamie Crockett, a software engineer, to lead its development team. In May, the company also announced that it would launch Giving Week in August 2022. The company will celebrate its seventh anniversary in 2022.

Progress has also been named Best Place to Work in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal for the second consecutive year. The list is based on employee surveys. Approximately 18,000 employees responded to the survey, which evaluates the companies’ work culture, employee satisfaction, and overall engagement. The Best Places to Work list honors companies that foster an exceptional work environment for their employees.

In the Boston area, over two dozen companies have been recognized as Best Places to Work. The Business Journal received over 200 submissions and selected 80 finalists from the list. The winners were determined by the highest scores in every category. The winners will be honored at a celebration on June 16 at the Boston Park Plaza. In addition, they will be featured in the Best Places to Work publication on June 17.

Applause: The applause team was named Best Place to Work in Massachusetts for the second consecutive year. The company has won seven awards in total, including three gold, two silver, and two bronze awards. It has also won the American Business Awards twice. This year, the company won the Best New Product in the New AI/ML Category and the Best Company of the Year.

How To Get Your Business Noticed In The Boston Business Journal:

The Boston Business Journal is the region’s premier business media organization. The publication covers 45 markets and offers several advertising and sponsorship options. For more information, visit Read more about our latest initiatives and news coverage. We hope to meet your business’s needs. Here are some ways to get involved:

Best Places To Work Celebration:

In an exclusive listing, the Boston Business Journal has named HYCU as one of the 2022 Best Places to Work in Massachusetts. The BBJ identifies top workplaces in Massachusetts by surveying employees and ranking them on various factors. Employees rate their job satisfaction, personal engagement, level of communication, teamwork, alignment with goals, and manager effectiveness. The BBJ also recognizes companies with innovative ideas and innovative products.

Companies that have made the cut were recognized in person at the Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work celebration. These organizations are distinguished by their employee engagement, communication, trust in senior leaders, and team dynamics. The Business Journal’s Best Places to Work program evaluates companies in all sizes and across all industries to determine if their workplaces are truly great places to work. The Best Places to Work celebration is on June 16 at Boston Park Plaza and will be covered in a special publication on June 17.

Raytheon’s Move Out Of Mass:

A Waltham-based defense contractor is moving its global headquarters from Massachusetts to Arlington, Virginia. Raytheon cites proximity to Washington, D.C. as a major reason for the move. Washington will provide the company with a convenient travel hub. The move also will allow the company to expand into new markets. Whether the move will have a positive or negative impact on Massachusetts employees is unclear. A University of Massachusetts professor warns that the move could have a lingering effect on the state’s economy and jobs.

If the company had remained in Massachusetts, it would have positioned itself as a leader among defense contractors. The move is part of the same trend as Boeing, which already has a presence in the D.C. region. While local officials are understandably concerned, it is unclear whether Raytheon has sought any incentives from local governments for the move. Its spokesperson, however, stressed that there would be no reduction in Massachusetts employment or a net increase in Arlington.

The company’s decision to relocate its headquarters is a good thing for Massachusetts. The company will have fewer employees in the state, but it will keep its corporate name. In addition to the Waltham headquarters, the company has a major “integrated defense systems” facility in Portsmouth, R.I. Many of the employees there now work from home, or even operate in hybrid modes. This will create jobs for more people in the area.

The company’s headquarters in Arlington will allow it to better serve commercial aerospace customers and the U.S. government. While the company has not opted for financial incentives for the move, it expects to move out of Massachusetts in the third quarter of 2021. The move will create a new center for research and technology. As with Boeing, the move will create competition for the region. It is expected that other large companies in the defense industry will make the same decision.

The move is good news for North Arlington. The Rosslyn-Ballston corridor has traditionally been an economic engine for the city. If the move succeeds in bringing more business to the area, it may address a looming problem for Arlington. Nearly half of Arlington’s property tax revenue comes from commercial office space, and since the coronavirus epidemic hit, vacancies have been on the rise.

Tax On Millionaires:

A recent article in the Boston Business Journal addresses the possibility of a tax on millionaires. It cites a recent Supreme Judicial Court decision that clears the way for a tax on millionaires in Massachusetts. The plaintiffs’ attorney identified a portion of the language that is misleading. They state that it refers to revenues that are subject to appropriation but does not bind future legislators to spend the money raised for the stated purpose.

A Massachusetts business group has filed a complaint against a proposed millionaires tax. They say that the surtax could hurt small businesses and even drive them out of the state. The high-technology group argues that the proposal may be designed to mislead voters. However, Governor Patrick has dismissed this argument. And while he says the tax on millionaires will not force businesses to move out of the state, the surtax could still be harmful to small businesses and their workers.

The proposed tax is also unpopular. While many Massachusetts residents support it, most of them do not understand its impact on small businesses. Moreover, more than 70% of the population supports it. While some argue that the measure is unfair, most people say that the new tax will be effective. In fact, the proposal is supported by more than 70% of Massachusetts voters. It is important to note that this article was edited to remove a reference to a CEO of a construction firm in the Boston Business Journal.

While the Massachusetts Constitution still permits a general personal property tax, it is barred from being graduated. The Fair Share Amendment aims to change that by imposing a surtax on millionaires and those with net worths of $1 million. This would raise the state’s marginal tax rate for millionaires from five percent to nine percent. However, the fair tax plan advocates argue that the new tax will put a burden on the middle class.

Business Group’s Threat To Challenge Sjc’s Millionaires Tax Language:

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has rejected a challenge to rewrite language in a measure to raise taxes on the state’s wealthiest residents. The measure, known as the Millionaires’ Tax, has been the subject of years of campaigning by Democratic legislators and labor groups. The court ruled unanimously that the summary of the proposal, which was written by the Attorney General’s office, accurately described the measure’s thrust. The court also ruled that the one-sentence statements used to ask voters to support or oppose the measure were accurate.

The Massachusetts High Technology Council is threatening to file a lawsuit to challenge the language in the millionaire’s tax ballot measure. The business group is not an official member of the Boston Business Journal, but it represents a broad group of companies and organizations in the state. Its members are not paid employees of newspapers, and the newspaper’s editorial board does not review its articles. The group’s threat to challenge the Boston Business Journal’s millionaires tax language is one of many examples of their concern with the ballot question.


The list above is just a few examples of the great things that have been written about Fenway Partners. This firm’s track record speaks for itself and in today’s market, you simply can’t go wrong with Boston Business Journal‘s top picks.

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