The adidas Pro Model – A Mid-Craft Version of the Adidas Superstar

The adidas Pro Model - A Mid-Craft Version of the Adidas Superstar

The Adidas Pro Model is a mid-cut version of the iconic Adidas Superstar men’s sneaker. This style features a retro style and all-leather construction. It also boasts the iconic rubber shell toe. The Adidas Superstar has become one of the most popular men’s sneakers. This shoe is ideal for everyday use.

High-tech features:

Known as a mid-cut version of the Adidas Superstar, the Adidas Pro Model is designed with high-tech features and a retro 80s streetwear aesthetic. It is made of leather with patent trim and a herringbone tread pattern for added traction. The upper comprises breathable mesh panels and a lightweight SprintSkin shell toe. The shoes are also equipped with the Z-Torsion system, which helps to provide increased stability and cushioning.

The shoe also incorporates a high-tech manufacturing process. The company teamed up with Oechsler, a company with extensive experience in robotics and automation. This partnership exemplifies how a company can embrace open source technology and bring in outside expertise to help them produce high-quality products.

One of the most innovative features of the Adidas Ultraboost is its cushioning system. It features a special material called Boost, created by the Adidas Innovation Team and BASF. This material offers a high level of responsiveness and energy return. In addition, the Ultraboost boasts a Primeknit upper, a three-dimensional heel frame, and heel-to-toe Boost.

Retro style:

If you’re a fan of the classic Adidas Pro Model, you may be interested in the retro-style version of the shoe. This style has been around for over ten years and is still popular among basketball players. It’s been available in high-top and low-top varieties and in many different color schemes.

The Adidas Pro Model 2G has been updated to offer the same retro style and performance. While the shoe’s appearance is similar to the original, it has better cushioning and traction. It’s also durable synthetic leather and features the classic 3-stripe branding. In addition, the Pro Model 2G has a new lace-up front closure. Its outsole is also herringbone-textured to provide extra traction and durability.

In 1996, the Adidas brand aimed more directly at the skate market. The brand signed skaters like Quim Cardona and Gonz to endorse its shoes. It also returned with the Ultrastar, reintroducing the sneaker and its classic design. The ’90s was a great time for Adidas.

As a result, the Adidas Pro Model was released with the help of the American market. American distributors of Adidas gear suggested the idea of a leather shoe. This is how the Adidas Pro Model and Superstar came to be. The result was a classic retro style that is still as popular as ever.

Adidas began to experiment with retro styles and materials. The first was the Superstar, which was released in 1976. It was originally marketed as a knock-off of the Promodel II. The shoe was heavily advertised from 1976 to 1979. It was also featured in the Top Ten in 1979.


The Adidas Pro Model is a high-top basketball sneaker with a leather upper. Although some reviewers were unhappy with the shoe’s breathability, it has a relatively long lifespan and is priced fairly for a shoe of this caliber. In addition to its long lifespan, the shoe’s comfort is one of its main selling points.

The shoes’ raised collar and high-top design are comfort-oriented. They also feature padded ankles for cushioned support. These features also allow for natural flexing of the feet. The uppers of the shoes are padded to prevent irritation and blisters. The shoes are also very breathable.

The outsole of the Adidas Pro Model offers excellent traction and protection. Its durable rubber outsole helps to eliminate slipping on concrete or wooden courts. The midsole has injection-molded EVA foam to absorb impact and provide energy return. A cushioned footbed and flexible Bounce midsole are two other features that help to make the Pro Model a comfortable shoe for long-distance running. Combining these features makes the Pro Model a favorite among top athletes.

The leather upper of the Adidas Pro Model delivers great support while maintaining comfort throughout the entire shoe. A lightweight EVA foam midsole and PU insole make the shoes a comfortable option for long wear. The leather upper is structured and wraps around the ankle for added support. Although the Adidas Pro Model is primarily a basketball shoe, it can also be worn on various flat surfaces.

Rubber shell toe:

The Adidas Superstar is the first basketball shoe to feature a rubber shell toe and was first released in 1969. The shoe has evolved many times over the years and has been credited with being a catalyst in the development of sneaker culture. The shell toe is a prominent feature of many Adidas sneakers, including the Pro Model and Superstar.

The Superstar was a low-top model of the Adidas Pro Model. It was released in black, white, red, navy, and other colors. The rubber toe box has earned various nicknames, including shell toe and rubber shell. In a recent announcement, the LEGO Group announced a multi-year partnership with the brand.

Another prominent feature of the Pro Model is its rubber shell toe, which was first introduced in the Superstar. The shell toe was originally used to protect the toes, but it also increased the stability of basketball players. As a result, it has become an iconic part of sneaker culture.

The shell toe was also used in Run-DMC’s shoes. The rapper used a pair of Adidas shoes to promote his 1992 Check Your Head album. The sneakers are adorned with elastic straps on the tongue and feature an oversized trefoil logo. These sneakers were a hit in the rap world, but their popularity waned between 1987 and 1988, and newer rappers opted for ostentatious styles.

The Adidas Superstar 2G became a hit and quickly became a favorite among future stars. The shoe’s comfort was one of the many things that made it popular among high schoolers. The Superstar 2G is still one of the best-selling sneakers of all time, and LeBron James is a huge fan of it. Its influence was also felt in several other models of the time, including the A3 Superstar Ultimate. However, these two shoes were barely offsprings of the shell-toe.


The Adidas Pro Model is a classic basketball shoe with a modern twist. It’s made of full-grain leather or suede upper, and it’s lightweight cushioning and Bounce midsole are flexible and responsive. Top athletes all rely on this shoe for its comfort and performance. The price is affordable, too, at less than $200.

This hoop shoe features a forest green patent leather upper with gold accents. The Adidas 3 Stripes and “CLASS OF 2003” are in gold, and the heel and tongue feature the same branding. The shoe features a green Superstar toe cap and a green bounce cushioning system. Lastly, it features a herringbone outsole.


As you can see, the Pro Model is an updated version of Adidas’s low-profile Superstar. It comes with more support and stability but still retains that vintage charm that fans love. Most importantly, it doesn’t make your feet sweat like crazy, making it a shoe for sports and casual wear.

Have you tried the Pro Model yet? If so, what did you think about it?

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