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Ross Near Me

Ross near me stores are a chain of discount department stores in the United States. Founded in 1932, the company operates under the Ross Dress for Less brand and is based in Dublin, California. Its locations span the United States, with over 2,000 stores nationwide. The company employs more than 100,000 people and operates more than 900 locations. While many of its locations are independent, most are family-owned. There are also several corporate headquarters around the country.


Searching for Ross near me locations is easy with the help of Google Maps. Simply enter your location in Google Maps, and it will display the nearest store locations. Using a larger map, you can view the store locations, directions, and phone numbers. Once you find the store, make sure to visit its website or call ahead to make sure it will be open. Also, check the store’s reviews and ratings before you make a trip.

One of the best ways to find the best bargains at a Ross near me store is to shop on a Tuesday. If you are 55 years old or older, you can sign up for the Every Tuesday Club, which offers 10% off regular merchandise. If you can show a photo ID, you can also receive an additional 10% discount when shopping on Tuesdays. Visiting the store on a Tuesday is a good idea because many items have been marked down recently.

The company opened its first retail store in Virginia in 1975. In 1984, the company went public, and in 1995, it opened its first store outside the U.S. – in Guam. As of January 2019, the company had more than 1,200 locations in 35 states. This means that if you’re looking for a bargain, you’re bound to find it at a Ross store near you. Just be prepared to wait in line and face a large crowd.

Moovit is another great way to find a Ross near me. Moovit is a free app that provides directions from any location to any Ross. With real-time arrival information, it helps you plan your trip with ease. You can also validate your ride and receive critical alerts for your favorite lines. Moovit also lets you print out a map and share it with friends. You can even use the app’s offline maps for easier navigation.


If you’re looking for an off-price department store, you’ve probably heard of Ross. With over 1,200 stores in forty states, the off-price retailer is one of the largest in the United States. Not only does Ross offer discount apparel, but it also offers bedding, housewares, jewelry, and more. While the hours and location of Ross near me stores vary by location, they’re usually open Monday through Thursday. However, you should check ahead of time to see when they’re open.

Because most of its stores are grocery-oriented, its hours are more flexible than those of a general merchandise store. They also don’t sell as many items in each category, meaning they need fewer employees. In addition, Ross stores are usually closed on some holidays, such as Christmas and New Year’s Day. The company’s headquarters are in Dublin, California. As of 2018, Ross employs over 88,100 people. If you’re looking for hours and locations for a specific Ross, check out its website for details.

In the United States, the Ross store is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 11 PM. Saturdays are closed, but some locations stay open later. If you’re visiting a Ross store on Sunday, check the local hours to make sure they’re open. You can also find out about the store’s hours by calling the Ross phone number or visiting the official website. Generally, the store closes at 11 pm on weekdays, but this depends on customer traffic. In addition, if the store is closed on Sunday, check the online Ross website for the exact time it closes.

Whether you’re looking for a special outfit or want to save money on a new dress, the hours at Ross near me Dress for Fewer stores are flexible and are usually a great option for busy women and men. During major holidays, the store might be open for extended hours or even closed, depending on the location. During other holidays, such as Black Friday, the hours may change, but in general, the store remains open during these days.


You might have noticed that Ross near me prices are often about half of the retail price of comparable value. While this is a good deal, you should still be aware that these deals are not always as advertised. The pricing team at Ross near me typically makes best guesses, so you should do your own comparison shopping before making your purchase. This can save you money on clothing that is expensive at a different retail outlet. Listed below are some of the best ways to find discounted items at Ross near me.

You can visit a Ross store early in the morning to get an early start on markdowns. You can also wait until the store closes for the day when many items are already on sale. You can also shop at Ross near me on a Monday or Tuesday when the prices are lower. However, you should remember that some stores have different markdown days. For the best savings, go during off-peak hours, when the store is less busy.

The best way to save money at Ross is to look for special sale events. The store’s Facebook page often hosts giveaways and contests. The page is also a good place to find updates about new store hours and new promotions. The store also receives shipments of new items regularly. By following the store’s Facebook page, you can find great bargains on clothing and accessories. When you shop at Ross near me, don’t forget to check their clearance areas for great bargains.

While many other stores offer military and veteran discounts, Ross Dress for Less does not. However, they do offer senior discounts on a weekly basis. You can find military discounts on a regular basis on other retailers’ websites. And since many customers are military, you may be able to find other stores that offer discounts for veterans and military members. But be warned: they may not provide military discounts in the near future. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to save at Ross near me.

Discounts For Senior Citizens:

Ross stores offer a variety of senior citizen discounts, including a ten percent discount on Tuesdays. Senior shoppers are required to present identification to receive the discount. Senior citizens can also join the Every Tuesday Club to receive additional discounts on Tuesdays. Members also have the option of choosing different stores for their shopping experience. They can also receive emails with additional discount offers. This can be a great way to save money on clothing and home decor.

Seniors can save up to 50% on clothing at Ross near me. This discount is only valid on Tuesdays and is not transferable to other customers. Certain brands of clothing and home goods are not eligible for this discount. Senior citizens must be fifty years of age or older to qualify. However, they can receive a discount if they purchase items that are not normally discounted. The discounts are not transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Seniors may also want to visit Ross near me Stores during senior citizen week, which usually runs in July and August. The company offers many great discounts, and it is possible to save big without having to shop at big-name clothing stores. Senior discounts at Ross can add up over time, so checking with your local store is vital. You should also ask about any other discounts that the store may offer. A senior discount can save you a lot of money on clothing, shoes, and home decor.

Seniors can also take advantage of various in-store and online sales. For instance, AARP members can get a $55 eye exam and 50% off eyeglasses. On Wednesdays, shoppers aged sixty and over can save 10% on clothing and shoes. A discount card from AARP can also be used to buy products from Ross. Another option is to join the wellness65+ program, which offers five-star discounts for customers over 55.

Online Shopping:

Online shopping at Ross is one of the best ways to save money and get a variety of products for a lower price. There are many types of items available at Ross near me, and you can even find clothing and accessories from your favorite brands. Many of the items are marked down by up to 75%, and you may have a hard time deciding which ones to buy! One good strategy is to wait for a clearance sale to make the purchase.

Store Locator:

The store locator can be found on the company’s website, and the company also has employment opportunities, a gift card service, and an email sign-up form. In addition, Ross also maintains social media profiles and an online store locator tool. The company’s stores can be located in a few different states, including California and Florida. For a specific item, you can also use the online store locator to find out what size, color, or style is available.


The layout is designed to be easy to navigate. Many of the items at Ross near me come directly from the manufacturer. This means that they may not be available in department stores. This is because of a defect or an error by the manufacturer. Some items may be more expensive, but you can find many items for up to half their original price. Another benefit of shopping at Ross near me is that it’s a great way to save money on designer and popular brands. If you’re not ready to part with your hard-earned cash, you can shop at Marshalls or TJMaxx.

Retail Shopping:

Despite these drawbacks, the growth of online retail shopping is still a boon for the off-price sector. The growth of online shopping may be contributing to the glut of clothing. Many brands order months ahead of time and need to forecast fluctuations in demand. The growth of online shopping is one of the reasons that off-price retailers are holding onto their stocks. These businesses are still protected by the fact that two-thirds of their business is online.


Using these tips, you can easily find Ross near me in the area. It is important that you use the information we have shared here to get accurate results.

Also, make sure that you use all of this when visiting the place where you want to meet date with someone special. Because there are chances that they do not know about Ross near me too!

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