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Revolver News‘ January 6 reading list includes eight articles on FBI inside involvement in the Capitol mob attack, including five about unindicted co-conspirators. Three of the articles explore how Revolver News may have changed the game. Beattie has been a prolific conspiracy theorist and propagator of FBI conspiracy theories since the Capitol mob attack. While Beattie’s theories aren’t new, he has brought them to the forefront of the MAGA mind.

Revolver News Darren Beattie:

The website Revolver News has been pushing a conspiracy theory on the rise of the Donald Trump presidency for months. Its owner, Darren Beattie, is a former speechwriter for the Trump campaign. Beattie helped spread a false narrative regarding the January 6th attack, including claims that the federal government was behind the attack and trying to discredit Trump supporters. This conspiracy theory is based on the fact that many of the attackers involved in the attack have not been indicted.

In the days following the Uvalde shooting, Revolver News published an investigative piece that features explosive evidence linking the FBI to the attack. The media has shamelessly dubbed the Jan. 6th attack as one of the most horrific attacks on democracy in American history. It was also the first website to post information about the suspect Ray Epps, an FBI informant.

Darren Beattie is a former White House speechwriter. In addition to Revolver News, he has worked for the New Atlantis, The Spectator, and The Chronicle. His writing has garnered worldwide attention for his insight into American politics. Beattie was fired after attending a white nationalist meeting, but it didn’t stop the President from nominating him to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

After being fired from CNN, Beattie was appointed to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, a controversial position. The commission has not updated its roster online, and Beattie’s role as a member of the commission is unclear. In the meantime, Beattie rehabilitated his relationship with the MAGA world by showing unwavering commitment to Trump and propagandizing conspiracy theories. Beattie’s rise to prominence is a testament to Trump’s hold over the Republican party.

Revolver News Ray Epps:

Ray Epps’s story made headlines recently because of his alleged involvement with the FBI. The newspaper, Revolver News, published many write-ups about the allegations. In particular, they focused on Epps’ alleged involvement with a network of informants. The FBI has not publicly commented on the allegations.

Ray Epps has been a prolific writer for Revolver News and is also a prominent political activist. His stories have drawn the attention of the mainstream media, including the New York Times. In a nutshell, Epps’ stories have become the smoking gun in the Resurrection narrative. Several reports by Revolver News and other sources have exposed Epps’ actions, which could seriously undercut the official narrative. To counter this, the New York Times is launching a massive damage-control effort to make any ideas about Epps toxic.

Ray Epps was a key player in the January 6 assault on the Capitol, leading to the breach of the police barricades. The rioting caused many people to run into the Capitol, but Epps was one of the most visible protesters. Despite this, he has escaped charges.

However, the Revolver News article cites unfounded conspiracy theories and two tweets. The article also cites a Freedom of Information Act request claiming that the Pelosi office had contacted Epps. However, the article is not entirely devoid of lies – it merely highlights the inaccuracies in the article and encourages conservatives not to muddy the waters with ad hoaxes.

The FBI’s handling of the case has been questionable. The FBI had already published a most wanted list for Epps and offered a cash reward to anyone who can identify him. Fortunately, internet sleuths managed to identify him within a few days. Revolver News also published the first article questioning Epps’ involvement in the case, which sparked a spate of death threats and trespassers.

Revolver News Darren Beattie’s Article:

Revolver News

The right-wing activist Darren Beattie was told to resign by the US commission he had been appointed to by the Trump administration. Several insiders have reported that Beattie promoted conspiracy theories about the Jan. 6 terrorist attacks. Beattie was appointed to the commission by President Donald Trump, despite strong backlash from critics. The White House Office of Presidential Personnel director, Gautam Raghavan, said on Tuesday that Beattie should not be on the commission.

Darren Beattie’s article on Revolver News made me wonder about the legitimacy of the alleged pipe bombs that were found at the RNC and DNC headquarters. Then I learned about Ray Epps’s “hoax” – that he’d gone to D.C. out of fear of bombs. He brought his first-aid kit with him, but the FBI found pipe bombs on side streets near the Capitol.

Beattie is the founder of Revolver News and a former policy aide to President Donald Trump. He was appointed to the Commission for Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, which is charged with identifying historical sites across Europe. He was fired by the Biden Administration in 2022. The accusations have been widely discredited and Beattie has a long and distinguished history of skeptical writing and reporting.

A few weeks after Beattie’s firing from CNN, he was appointed by President Donald Trump to the Commission for Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad (CPAH). While the appointment was controversial and the Commission’s roster was not updated online, Beattie’s appointment is unconstitutional given his history. He also helped spread racist stories about Hunter Biden and helped to seed the “Stop the Steal” conspiracy. His infamous article on Revolver News revealed his racist side and was subsequently banned from mainstream political circles.

Tucker Carlson’s Citations Of Beattie’s Article:

For the latest installment of his documentary series, Tucker Carlson has brought back Revolver News, a fringe aggregation website with right-wing commentary. Revolver News is run by Darren Beattie, a former Trump White House speechwriter who made many claims about the election, including that many of the attackers were not indicted. However, the news aggregator did not back down after Beattie’s interview on NPR.

While Carlson has been able to pounce on the recent presidential election, it is not clear if his claims are accurate or based on fact. In his show, he repeatedly accused the mainstream media of lying and falsely claiming that there was no insurrection. Moreover, he has been taking his guests’ claims as factual without verifying their veracity. Rather than presenting the facts, Carlson’s Revolver News program is based on rhetoric that he’s used on his show.

The theory behind the conspiracy was based on a Revolver News expose. Although a former DEA agent, Mark Ibrahim, was strongly encouraged to go into the Capitol building, Carlson’s story has no evidence. Indeed, a friend of Ibrahim claimed to have fabricated the story to get access to the building. But Ibrahim’s friend denied these claims and told the FBI that the story was fabricated. The witness also said that he was not working for the FBI.

The Revolver News article also pointed out that the House Jan. 6th Committee hasn’t investigated Rhodes despite the fact that the committee had subpoenaed Rhodes in November. In the process, Revolver News took credit for “pressuring” the committee, which didn’t do so. Beattie is a former speechwriter for the Trump administration and worked as a spokesperson. He was fired in 2018 after attending a conference with a white supremacist. After that, Beattie was appointed to the Commission for Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, which oversees the Holocaust memorials.

Revolver News Oath Keepers:

Revolver News

The Oath Keepers are a far-right paramilitary group that recruits officers in major cities. It encourages members to interpret the law in their own way. This is a tricky situation because it can conflict with the officers’ right to free speech and assembly.

This group is currently facing serious charges in a recent Capitol breach. While the group is not currently on trial, there is still plenty of news surrounding the group. The Arizona chapter of the group, which claims to be affiliated with the Oath Keepers, is in the news because of a recent video featuring its leader. The video shows Mr. Epps whispering to a fellow Oath Keepers leader about instigating a riot. The FBI had originally included Epps on its “most wanted” list but removed the reference in July. The FBI may remove people from their lists if they are no longer needed or have already been interviewed them.

During the presidential election, the Oath Keepers fully embraced Donald Trump. They even had a VIP section at Trump’s rally in El Paso. The group also embraced conspiracy theories linked to QAnon. One of their members even publicly posted plans to a polling location in order to help elect Donald Trump.

The group has public ties, including Wendy Rogers, a state senator in Arizona. She has repeatedly claimed that Donald Trump will win the 2020 presidential election and is currently running for re-election in November. A former US Army paratrooper, Rhodes founded Oath Keepers in 2009. He graduated from Yale Law School.

Revolver News Fbi-Plot Conspiracy Theory:

Conservative website Revolver News is promoting a bogus conspiracy theory about the FBI and the deadly Capitol riot. Founded by a former Trump speechwriter, Revolver News claims the FBI is responsible for the riot. But Revolver News has a lot of questionable credentials. For one, it doesn’t have a byline and hasn’t confirmed the claims of its author.

The story is based on videos compiled by right-wing media outlets. Some of these videos appear to be selectively edited, while others are not. Revolver News claims that the FBI is trying to bury the truth about Epps. The publication could not confirm if this is true, but it says it is a suspicious coincidence.

Revolver News’s article was amplified by Republican lawmakers and Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The website’s story relies on the erroneous assumption that anyone identified as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the charging documents was actually a government agent. That assumption is false, according to legal experts.

The article also claimed that FBI informants and undercover agents were involved in the riot in the Capitol. While this seems unlikely, the Proud Boys indictment mentions an anonymous co-conspirator and mentions the presence of undercover FBI agents on the scene. In addition, undercover FBI agents are regularly used in the investigation of crimes. Therefore, the FBI may have been embedded with right-wing groups prior to the riots on January 6.

Trump’s Praise Of Beattie:

President Donald J. Trump has congratulated Darren Beattie, a reporter for Revolver News, for exposing the “Fake News” narrative about the events of January 6th. This deserved praise and the growing profile of Beattie and Revolver News are certainly worthy of notice.

Beattie had no previous connections to the White House or to Trump. When he left the Biden White House, he was an unknown speechwriter who became an infamous propagandist. It was a dark story. But Beattie’s unflinching loyalty to Trump has rehabilitated his relationship with MAGA World. However, he’s also a prolific propagandist and promoter of conspiracy theories. Trump’s apparent eagerness to promote Beattie’s name is a sign of his control over the GOP.

While Trump’s praise for Revolver News is largely aimed at the far right, it is important to keep in mind that the website is not owned by the president himself. Former Trump speechwriter Darren Beattie has promoted various theories for months. One of these theories was that the FBI was responsible for the Capitol riot. Revolver News has also exposed the “Fake News” narrative about January 6th and coined the term “Federsurrection”.

Beattie’s ties to the FBI are even more complicated. He’s also a frequent guest on Tucker Carlson’s shows and has appeared in the Patriot Purge movie. However, his loose relationship with the facts has led to criticism in the mainstream media. In addition to the Oath Keepers, he’s also been linked to the instigation of the riot by the federal government.


So far, we have covered all the news from the Revolver. The overall buzz is that this brand has got a great team to handle its content. Moreover, it also seems like they have perfected their storytelling skills as well! Most of the time, when you know what you are doing right then your content will always be on point and compelling.

After reading through our list, we bet you’ll agree with us that 2017 turned out to be the year of many big surprises. If you add these to the ones that have been released so far this year, there is no doubt about what a blockbuster year it was for new releases!

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