Quick and Easy Ways to Get on Any Company’s PR Mailing List


Are you a content creator or aspiring influencer curious about how to get the attention of major businesses on social media? I’m going to let you know a little secret about how to catch a brand’s awareness and establish a mutually beneficial relationship that may lead to compensation. A joint inquiry I get on Instagram is how an influencer might be included in Jouer’s PR List.

Companies put a lot more effort into who they choose as partners, and social media fame isn’t always necessary. There can be a lot of Conflict And Frustration in finding the right brand.

How you handle the issue is crucial. This article will dispel that myth for those who think a billion followers will guarantee a sponsorship deal.

PR Outreach Is What?

To present your company, establish connections, and raise brand recognition, you can benefit from engaging in public relations outreach with influential journalists, media outlets, and other relevant individuals (primarily through media coverage).

Although the concept of public relations (PR) outreach has remained relatively the same over time, the goals, targets, and methods of reaching out to the media have evolved significantly.

Being backlinks, getting covered by online periodicals, and using social media to contact reporters were not significant concerns in the past. The reality is that there are several public relations outreach options available today, but this does not make the task any less demanding.

Make an Effort to Find Out

You should investigate a brand’s social media profiles carefully before joining in. Do they distribute user-generated content? If that’s the case, your work could be picked up for further distribution. Jouer occasionally redistributes the product images and stills and sets videos for influencers to create.

Researching the Brand:

  • How regularly do they update their content, and what sort of updates can we expect to see?
  • Do they shoot uncropped or cropped movies, gifs, stills, full-body or closeup portraits, close-ups of clothing and accessories, or product shots?
  • How would you describe the lighting at your company?

Get Better at Snapping Pics

Now is the moment to start learning photography since bad visuals may completely sink a company’s reputation. Put down the camera and pretend you’re not at home; start taking the kind of shots a brand would post.

Avoid using filters and focus on getting your photos clear and well-lit instead. I’m not opposed to iPhone photos per se, but I expect a certain standard.

There Are No Filters

When filming yourself wearing or applying makeup, you must show the actual color of your skin and the pigment in the products you are using. The cosmetics sector, in particular, has to take note of this. If that’s not the case, it won’t seem trustworthy to your audience or us and won’t be helpful to our clients.

Maintain Your Worth At All Times

Always know what’s new in your industry and what products brands are releasing. It’s no longer relevant nowadays. Expect a repost if you want to work with a company, and don’t share content from last year’s collection.

Create Brand Loyalty

Establish and display brand loyalty. Trusting you will make it easier for a brand to trust you.

Never approach a business and pretend you’ve never bought from them before but would want a free sample.

First, you should always buy the product on your own, learn about the firm, try out a few options, and then talk about it extensively across all of your social media accounts.

Market with Media

Create a solid plan for communicating with the press. Relationships are the cornerstone of both media and public relations. Press coverage and airtime for your product are not givens and must be worked for over time. Activate your marketing in a way that media professionals may participate. You have a lot greater odds of being covered with their help. Bet on uncharted waters if you dare to do so.

Participate Constructively In Local Affairs

The most effective strategy for growing your brand and winning the loyalty of local advocates is to become involved in the areas where your target audience lives and works. Make a splash for the right reasons, and your product will receive excellent feedback. Putting your company’s management in a position to be seen as experts in their fields is another smart strategy for attracting media attention.

Give Us Some Solid Information

To be clear, public relations efforts never come at no cost. There’s always a “price” to pay, but one approach to make journalism and writing more credible is to present solid evidence supporting their tales. It’s almost impossible to lose the media’s favor if you position your brand as a source of interesting data that can be utilized to inspire stories. The inclusion of data visualizations in the material is highly encouraged.

Invaluable Tags

My biggest pet peeve is posted with photos cluttered with ads that you can’t tell which brand goes where. If you publish a snapshot of your perfectly styled face using products from 20 different firms, you should resist the urge to tag all 20 businesses. Don’t forget to drop a few household names.

Target three to five businesses whose interest you seek, and be sure to include the product you used in your description. Don’t make any assumptions about the brand. Please don’t be too hard on them.

Wait Your Turn

Exert some common sense and wait it out. Independent businesses may not be able to reply soon, even if your content is excellent, because of the small size of their staff.

You may always stand out in a crowd by posting eye-catching content on social media like Instagram, TikTok, or others. Emails are less successful than other channels for getting your point across, so if you must use them, make sure your request is explicit and include as much relevant information as possible, such as links to other channels and relevant metrics.

PR Email Outreach Examples

If you’re trying to drum up some publicity and want a quick fix, you might be tempted to employ a PR outreach template.

You may discover many free, editable media outreach email templates online by searching the term “media outreach email templates” on Google.

However, here’s the rub. It would help if you were noticeable. They don’t work. And remember, you never get a second chance to establish a first impression with a journalist.

The first half of this piece should have convinced you that tailoring your PR outreach emails is essential. It’s relatively straightforward when someone works from a template without researching the topic. The spam filter will automatically delete these messages.

Remember this while interacting with the media. Don’t be afraid to go above and above; your counterpart will appreciate the effort.

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