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KOMO 4 News

KOMO 4 News is a television station located in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group and is affiliated with ABC. It also operates a sister station, KUNS-TV, which is licensed to air Univision programs. The newscast is also an ABC affiliate.

Mary Nam In KOMO 4 News:

Mary Nam has joined KOMO 4 news in Seattle, Washington. She started as a reporter at KXLY-TV in Spokane before moving to Seattle to cover the city’s breaking news. Her reporting earned her multiple Emmy nominations and earned her a position with KOMO. She has covered breaking news both in the field and behind the desk.

She was born in South Korea but moved to Washington with her family when she was four. Her husband is Norwegian, Swedish, and Irish and he is also a reporter for KOMO. Her annual salary for anchoring KOMO 4 news is $40,022 to $71,590.

Mary Nam’s career began at Spokane’s KXLY-TV, where her reporting on an avalanche in Revelstoke, British Columbia, caught the attention of the station. Since then, she has gone on to earn multiple Emmy nominations and is proud to be a graduate of Washington State University. Currently, she makes $87,450 per year as a weekday evening anchor.

KOMO4’s Mary Nam recently talked to several experts about sustainable lifestyles. She met with the University of Washington junior Shruti Parikh, an environmental researcher, and Maia Bernstein, an educator from the Green Plate Special program, which serves middle school students in Seattle. She also sampled local foods from Bellflower Chocolate and Ziva Mediterranean Foods. Additionally, she interviewed King County EcoConsumer Tom Watson about how to improve air quality.

Steve Pool In KOMO 4 News:

If you love television and enjoy catching the latest news, you’ve probably seen Steve Pool on the Komo 4 news. The show’s host is an Emmy-nominated weathercaster who has become a household name. However, there’s more to Pool than just his meteorological skills. He’s also a husband and father to two daughters, Lindsey and Marissa.

Steve Pool has been with KOMO TV for four decades. In recent years, he’s had to fight prostate cancer. The treatment, known as proton therapy, involved a year of regular doctor visits. However, this experience has taken its toll on his health, affecting his stamina. As a result, he’s had to step down from multiple daily newscasts.

Steve Pool’s retirement is a big change for him and the region. The veteran broadcaster started his career as an intern at KOMO in the late 1970s and eventually became one of the most popular and respected broadcasters in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to weather reporting for KOMO, Pool also hosted the award-winning Front Runners television show. During his tenure, he raised millions of dollars for charities like the Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Museum of Flight.

Besides the upcoming Super Bowl, Steve Pool will be at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, which will take place in Seattle from February 20-24. He’ll also be sharing some eco-friendly gardening tips with Mary Nam. He’ll also be sampling sustainable seafood, which is an essential part of a sustainable lifestyle.

Molly Shen In KOMO 4 News:

KOMO 4 News anchor Molly Shen is one of the highest-paid women in Washington. She earns around $69,521 a year as the network’s weekday news anchor. She has also volunteered for several organizations in the community. Molly Shen served on the Honorary Board for Harborview Medical Center, the Seattle Children’s Home, and LifeWire, formerly the Eastside Domestic Violence Program. She is also a member of the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Her age hasn’t been revealed by KOMO due to privacy concerns, but her height is 5 feet and six inches.

Molly Shen has worked for KOMO 4 News since 1997 and is an Emmy Award-winning news anchor and reporter. She has also worked as a reporter in Spokane, Washington. Her work in the field has earned her a number of honors, including being named Journalist of the Month for May 2005 by the Women’s e-news website. Her work has also helped raise awareness for sexual assault counseling services.

Shen has shared her story of being raped while growing up and has spoken publicly about her experience. The assault happened when she was in sixth grade. The perpetrator, an unknown man, forced his way into her home. Shen, now a college graduate, has volunteered with organizations that support victims of sexual assault and trauma.

Celine Fujikawa In KOMO 4 News:

For several years, KOMO4 News ran EcoConsumer segments. The King County segment was hosted by Tom Watson. The segments are archived online in YouTube format. One clip shows a wreath made by Celine Fujikawa. Another segment shows holiday swag from UDistrict Farmers Market’s Holiday Swag event. One segment also features Hanukkah menorahs made by students at Temple De Hirsch Sinai.

Tom Watson In KOMO 4 News:

consumer Tom Watson has been featured in KOMO 4 news with an interview by KOMO’s Mary Nam. Tom was recently in King County, Washington, checking out the local food scene to learn more about sustainable living. In the segment, Tom explains the benefits of sustainable food and the ways it can help the environment.

Tom Watson manages the King County EcoConsumer program, which directs the public to resources and actions for green living. Writing a weekly column for the Seattle Times, Tom also participates in public outreach efforts through television. In the past, he served as a judge on DIY Network’s show, “Green Me Up,” which featured two families trying to make their homes greener. In addition, Watson worked as a magazine and newspaper reporter before joining the Solid Waste Division in King County.

Tom Watson talks about the benefits of sustainable living and sustainable consumption on KOMO4 news. He discusses the importance of using locally grown produce in our daily lives. The show also explores how solar power can be used to power homes and campsites, and about community utility projects. In addition to these topics, Tom Watson talks about the benefits of local foods and healthy habits, and the use of recycled items in the home.

Tom Watson’s KOMO4 news segment featured several local eco-consumers. The first guest was the owner of a sustainable coffee shop in Seattle’s South Park. Another guest was Blackberry the rabbit. The show was a collaborative effort between two groups of experts who are committed to making Seattle greener. The team’s efforts culminated in the KOMO4 news segment.

KOMO’s car In KOMO 4 News:

If you’re a fan of KOMO’s car news, you’re in luck. It has landed in your local area! The station has a new home, a multi-story complex in downtown Seattle known as the Fisher Plaza. The broadcast portion of this new complex opened in June 2000.

Watch KOMO 4 News Online:

If you live in Seattle, Washington, you may have seen KOMO 4 news on your TV. It is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, an ABC affiliate. KOMO is also a Univision affiliate. Its live stream is reliable. If you don’t have cable or satellite TV, you can watch KOMO online.

KOMO-TV is an ABC-affiliated television station:

KOMO-TV is an ABC-owned television station in Seattle, Washington, that airs local newscasts. It also offers a radar weather forecast. The station also serves Vancouver, Tacoma, and the Columbia Valley. KOMO also airs syndicated programming, including America’s Funniest Home Videos.

KOMO-TV began broadcasting on December 10, 1953, and is the fourth-oldest television station in the Seattle-Tacoma area. KOMO was originally an NBC affiliate, influenced by its radio sister’s association with the network. However, in 1959, it switched affiliations to become an ABC affiliate. Since then, KOMO has been a close competitor of KING-TV for news ratings in Seattle and is currently second in most time slots.

KOMO-TV is a Washington-based television station that airs morning news and local talk shows. The station has licensed frequencies on VHF digital 11 and virtual channel 33. It is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, one of the largest television broadcasting companies in the country. It shares studios with KUNS-TV in Bellevue, Washington. The station is located in the Lower Queen Anne section of Seattle.

KOMO-TV has been home to a number of famous anchors and reporters. Some have stayed with the station for over four decades. Reporter Bryan Johnson has been with the station since 1976 when he joined it. He had previously been the station’s news director. Several days before the disaster, he had been rotated out of the station. On the day of the eruption, he woke up at three a.m. in Seattle and traveled to Mount St. Helens to cover the disaster.

KOMO-AM/FM is a commercial AM radio station:

KOMO 4 News is a commercial AM station that airs programs in Seattle, Washington. The station’s programming is centered on local news. KOMO has a 50,000-watt clear-channel transmitter and is able to be heard across most of the Western United States. Its coverage is even able to reach as far north as Fort McMurray, Alberta, at night.

KOMO-FM’s history goes back to the early 1950s when the station was an NBC affiliate. In the late 1950s, the station switched to an ABC affiliation. KOMO radio followed in 1964. By the time the station went commercial, old-line network programming was being phased out and KOMO was airing a MOR music format. In 1967, the station landed the morning drive host Larry Nelson, who would go on to become one of the best-known morning hosts in the country. In the following years, KOMO shifted to an all-news format, using material from the KOMO-TV newscasts.

It is owned by Sinclair Seattle, LLC, and is licensed to broadcast at 97.7 MHz in Oakville, Washington. KOMO 4 News provides local news and traffic updates, as well as long-form interviews. KOMO 4 News also broadcasts sports and entertainment programming. Its facility ID is 21656 and is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.

KOMO 4  News is a commercial AM-FM radio station that started on Harbor Island in 1926. Fisher was the tenant of KTCL, a Seattle radio station, and he was able to turn the station into a commercial station by changing its call letters. KOMO was first broadcast on December 31, 1926, and later moved to downtown. In 1927, it became an affiliate of the National Broadcasting Company. The network affiliation with NBC brought the station national prominence. During this time, a dramatic drama series called Pioneers was aired on KOMO.

KOMO-TV is a Class A radio station:

KOMO-TV is a Class-A radio station and a television station in Seattle, Washington. It began broadcasting in 1953 and was originally an NBC affiliate. Its affiliation with NBC radio helped to shape its early programming. In 1959, the station switched to an ABC affiliation and has been a top choice for news programs for the greater Seattle market ever since. Since that time, KOMO-TV has consistently placed in the top three in news ratings, just ahead of KING-TV.

KOMO-TV is owned by the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, one of the largest broadcasting companies in the United States. The company operates 163 stations in 77 markets and reaches 38.7% of the US population. KOMO-TV’s studios are located in Fisher Plaza, near the Space Needle in Seattle.

KOMO-TV has won many awards and recognition for its broadcasting. In 1990, the station won an International Radio Festival Award, and in 1996, the station was named a Peabody Award winner for local programming excellence. 1997 was the year when KOMO-TV became the first news station in the world to broadcast news in full HD. In 2002, the station also won an Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Newscast at 11:00 p.m.

KOMO-TV is home to several popular shows. Among the most popular is America This Week with Eric Bolling, which covers breaking news. The newscast is normally focused on politics, sports, and health, but sometimes focuses on crime and other local events. The channel also has a dedicated crime news program called Operation Crime Justice. Throughout the week, the station also broadcasts weather news.

KOMO-TV has a reliable live stream:

You can watch KOMO-TV online from your computer or mobile device, no matter where you live. KOMO is an ABC local affiliate in Seattle-Tacoma, Washington. The station’s live stream is available on several sites, including Hulu with Live TV and FuboTV. You can also watch the station on YouTube TV.

KOMO-TV is an affiliate of ABC and broadcasts on virtual channel 33 (VHF digital 11). The station is owned and operated by the Sinclair broadcasting group, a division of Sinclair. Its offices are located in the Fisher Plaza area of Seattle near the Space Needle. Its transmitter is located on Queen Anne Hill.

The station has a reliable live stream but isn’t able to stream its newscasts in HD. It primarily uses 16×9 480p standard definition but is able to produce high-definition video in the studio. The studio HD cameras are then downconverted and upconverted to 720p, which allows viewers to see a higher-quality video.

If you’re in the Seattle area and want to watch KOMO-TV online, you’ll want to visit its official website. You can also listen to the station’s radio station online. Its sister stations include KOMO-TV and KPLZ-FM.

KOMO-TV has won several awards:

The news division at KOMO-TV has won several awards for its coverage of the Pacific Northwest. It has won more awards annually than any other Seattle-area television station. In 2002, KOMO’s 4 News won the Edward R. Murrow award for best newscast in a large market. In 2008, KOMO also won 15 regional Emmy awards, including a regional Emmy for best newscast. In 2009, KOMO also honored its news anchor Molly Shen with the Individual Achievement award and Kathi Goertzen with a Silver Circle award for her outstanding reporting for more than three decades with the station.

KOMO-TV is also known for its strong investigative reporting. KOMO’s coverage of events on the local level is based on the region around Mount St. Helens, Washington. The news staff covers this area daily and has been nominated for several awards.

KOMO-TV has also set many broadcast “firsts”. For example, during the late 1960s, a KOMO news photographer developed a new process for developing color film, which allowed the station to broadcast in true color. Later in the decade, KOMO became the 1st television station in the United States to air daily programming.

Sinclair’s relationship with KOMO was not always smooth. At first, Sinclair’s executives were unfriendly to diverse staff members. They wanted to bring the station’s staff under their broader pay policies. They also wanted to give their employees generous vacation time. This resulted in tension between Sinclair and KOMO staff.

KOMO-TV is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting:

The purchase of KOMO-TV by Sinclair was a big deal. The news broke days after a conference for KOMO employees. Staff members were alarmed when they learned about the new ownership. Sinclair was not a household name in 2004 when it bought the station. It was known for its conservative political viewpoints and often questioned the record of Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry. It also received a reputation for being unresponsive to local markets.

The controversial Sinclair ownership of KOMO was a source of tension between the two unions. Sinclair wanted the station to match its broader pay policies. This meant the station’s staff would have to accept lower pay and shorter vacation periods. The union was concerned that this would lead to job cuts.

Some employees of KOMO have gone so far as to threaten their jobs if Sinclair doesn’t back off its demands. They have talked about protesting their corporate bosses and even discussing plans to quit Sinclair. They said that they were afraid of losing their jobs, so they spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Sinclair is a media conglomerate that owns more than 150 television stations across the United States, including KOMO-TV. It also owns a few regional and local networks and radio stations. The company’s news and sports division, Sinclair TV, is one of the largest providers of local news in the country. It also has stations affiliated with many of the major broadcast networks. The company went public in 1995 and is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.


The connection between news and entertainment has always been tight. Once people became familiar with the brand new KOMO 4 News, they started following it like zealous fans. And today, this channel is among the most-watched ones by people in Seattle too.

With such a loyal audience, KOMO 4 News will surely become one of your favorite sources for breaking news and entertainment content soon!

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