Jobs at the Bloomberg Industry Group

Jobs at the Bloomberg Industry Group

You can work with the world’s leading financial information company and make a difference in the lives of millions of people. This could be your calling if you love exploring new things, solving challenges, and breaking trends. The Bloomberg Industry Group is a provider of professional information. It is an affiliate of Bloomberg L.P. based in Arlington County, Virginia. The CEO of the company is Josh Eastright. The company has more than two million subscribers worldwide and is considered a leading news source for professionals. It is owned by Bloomberg L.P. and was founded in 1971. The group’s website provides financial and business information, including stock market data and financial news.


The Actian DataConnect solution helps the Bloomberg Industry Group create and deploy client integrations without manual processes. It supports a wide range of data types and volumes. It emphasizes flexibility and reusability. The Actian DataConnect solution enables Bloomberg to integrate data from multiple sources while improving Sarbanes-Oxley controls’ quality. With the Actian DataConnect solution, the Bloomberg Industry Group can close financials faster and reduce tax liabilities.

The Actian DataConnect solution for the Bloomberg Industry Group enables the integration of Advantage Fixed Assets and Bloomberg Tax & Accounting systems. Through Actian DataConnect, Bloomberg can connect any system to Advantage Fixed Assets. The Actian DataConnect solution enables Bloomberg to integrate its software with other systems seamlessly, regardless of which data management platform they use. This enables them to deliver the information and report to customers more efficiently.


As the leader in data management, cloud data warehouse, and data integration technology, Actian is trusted by thousands of forward-thinking organizations to solve their data challenges. Actian’s data-centric approach transforms businesses. As the Vice President of Customer Experience, you’ll focus on the customer journey, develop advocates, and influence Actian’s customer acquisition strategy. You’ll report directly to the Chief Executive Officer. Actian’s DataConnect solution makes data integration easy.

The Actian Analytics platform is an enterprise-grade SQL analytics platform offering high-performance in-database analytics and extensive connectivity. Its platform is built on off-the-shelf hardware, enabling extreme performance and a low barrier to entry. Actian’s technology solves key issues preventing broad adoption of Big Data, making it enterprise-grade and enabling analytics. Thousands of organizations use Actian’s solutions to gain a competitive advantage in their industries.

The company has received awards for innovation, including a regional award from the Austin American-Statesman. In addition, Actian was recently recognized as a member of the ‘2022’ list of the Top Workplaces USA. This honor was conferred after a survey of Actian’s employees, which measures 15 culture drivers that impact a company’s competitiveness and employee experience. The company’s data solutions help organizations analyze, integrate, and connect at the highest level, whether in the cloud, on-premise, or mobile.

Job postings:

You can apply for a variety of jobs at Bloomberg Industry Group. These positions range from temporary to remote and from legal to writing and editing. You can choose from positions that fit your schedule or work part-time. The organization encourages flexible careers and is especially interested in finding individuals with diverse skill sets. The organization offers award-winning reporting and cutting-edge technology to its professionals. If you’re looking for a career change, Bloomberg Industry Group is the place to apply.

The Bloomberg Industry Group is an affiliate of the financial, data, and software company and is a leading independent information provider. Its network comprises thousands of reporters, correspondents, and leading practitioners in different fields. The company was formerly called Bloomberg BNA or the Bureau of National Affairs. You’ll find more information on the organization’s career opportunities website if you’re interested in applying for a position at Bloomberg.

Video production:

As an executive producer, video production is a critical aspect of a Bloomberg industry group project. Josh Block oversees video production for Bloomberg Law, Bloomberg Tax, Bloomberg Government, podcasts, and other video content. He began his career producing television interviews for PBS’s Charlie Rose and later joined the staff of David Letterman’s Late Show. He has also contributed to award-winning programs at HBO. Ultimately, Block decided to pursue law school and joined Bloomberg Law.

You’ll create news and topical videos about various topics as a video producer. You’ll pitch stories, write and shoot them, and collaborate with reporters and editors to develop and deliver content. Your goal will be to follow journalistic standards while communicating news creatively and engagingly. This is a high-impact job that requires exceptional shooting and editing skills. You’ll be working closely with reporters, editors, and other team members, so you’ll need to be passionate about what you do and how you do it.

Support for charities:

The Bloomberg Industry Group supports several charitable organizations, including the DC Central Kitchen, Martha’s Table, Humane Rescue Alliance, and the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia. Michael Bloomberg’s foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, also supports charities and has given more than $3.3 billion to various causes in the past year. These foundations focus on public health, government innovation, the arts, and education. Bloomberg volunteers serve in the Bloomberg Volunteers’ coaching sessions, where charities can bring their challenges and questions. Through this mentoring, charities will receive valuable coaching and support from their peers.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg Philanthropies also began funding the State Energy and Environmental Impact Center, a law school that supports legal fellows in the New York Attorney General’s office. These fellows promote progressive climate change and clean energy legal positions. The Bloomberg-funded group claims not to influence their work, but some of the organizations they support appear to influence their work significantly. Bloomberg Philanthropies’ funding has also benefited a law student named Matthew Eisenson.

In 2009, Bloomberg Philanthropies’ campaign to ban smoking in workplaces, restaurants, and public places led to the adoption of laws in 10 countries. It also led to the creation of graphic images on cigarette packs in 11 countries. The Bloomberg industry group supports charities in these areas, including the UN Global Compact. There are no limits to the number of charities Bloomberg supports, and the organization will keep supporting organizations with similar goals.

The Bloomberg Family Foundation is another example of a foundation that has received criticism over its funding. Bloomberg allegedly commingled his private and public roles, using city funds to support the foundation’s operations. Moreover, his foundation used its funds to buy political support. Bloomberg’s financial contributions allegedly freed him from some political opponents, allowing him to pursue reforms in the city, including tough anti-smoking rules and banning trans fats in food.


After reading this blog, did you get any idea about the amazing career opportunities available with the Bloomberg Industry Group? It has a large number of open positions for both Freshers and experienced candidates. Before applying to any of these jobs, ensure you have experience in the related fields.

Once everything is out in the open, keep calm and head straight ahead!

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