How to Use First-Party Data in Digital Marketing


Power Digital Marketing in San Diego, California, could be the answer if you’re looking for digital marketing services. The company offers PPC and SEO services, social media management, PR, web design, and more. Its Sprnova platform helps companies evaluate first-party data to inform their marketing strategies. Stephanie Feldman has joined the company as a chief marketing officer. Read on to learn more about this company and Stephanie’s role. You’ll be glad you did!

Power Digital Marketing Is A Technology-Enabled Digital Marketing Company:

Power Digital Marketing is a digital agency that develops innovative marketing solutions for national and local brands. The company offers various services that help brands scale revenue and improve profitability. They provide paid search and social media advertising solutions and customer acquisition and retention programs. They can also help clients with Amazon marketing and other services. Using data-driven marketing strategies, they can help their clients increase revenue and profits.

Power Digital is an agency with a unique mix of creativity and science. Its comprehensive services include SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, and web development. Power Digital also offers a proprietary machine learning platform, SPRnova, to help clients optimize their digital marketing campaigns. The company also employs data-driven analytics to track and improve results. Combining the two companies will produce a more vital bicoastal force in digital marketing.

The company has completed a transaction with Periscope Equity LLC, a Chicago-based private equity firm that invests in technology-enabled businesses. The transaction will provide Power Digital with resources to accelerate investments and hire top-tier marketers. This investment will also help the company continue its product innovation, which is an essential priority. The acquisition of Factorial Digital was a significant milestone for Power Digital.

The company has over 300 employees and is expected to double in size over the next few years. Revenue is projected to increase from $48 million in 2020 to approximately 78 million in 2021. The acquisition will be managed out of the company’s San Diego, California headquarters, and Grayson Lafrenz will continue to serve as CEO. The acquisition is expected to close on schedule and be completed in the second quarter of 2019.

Its Sprnova Platform Helps Companies Evaluate First-Party Data:

First-party data can help marketers determine which messages resonate best with their audiences. Marketers can better understand their target customers by using this information to create customized, relevant messages. They should revisit this data regularly to identify which messages are working best. In addition, this data can be used to understand attribution and evaluate budget changes. Here are some examples of ways to use first-party data in digital marketing.

First-party data comes from a company’s interactions with its customers. It is compiled through company-owned systems and software. The company can then use this data to create targeted ads and experiences that appeal to its target audience. While first-party data is valuable, it does not have the scale to generate actionable insights. It is also prone to errors.

First-party data allows brands to build a direct relationship with consumers. This data gives brands real insights into customer behavior and purchase history. “First-party data gives us a real picture of the customer experience,” says Daniel McCarthy, assistant professor of marketing at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Furthermore, first-party data lets us see an accurate picture of the customer, as they interact directly with our brand.

As more marketers recognize the value of first-party data for their digital marketing campaigns, third-party cookie use should be a thing of the past. With a massive 50% share in the browser market, browsers now require a “Privacy Sandbox” for marketers to make better decisions about audience targeting. Claravine has a solution for this problem: the Claravine platform.

Its Clients Include Local And National Brands:

Power Digital Marketing, Inc. is a San Diego-based digital marketing agency that helps brands launch digital revenue. The company offers content marketing, email marketing, PPC, SEO, social media marketing, web development, and more. The company works with both national and local brands. It assembles specialized teams around each brand, bringing deep channel expertise to customer acquisition programs. Power Digital has been a client of Periscope Equity LLC since 2012.

Its New Chief Marketing Officer Is Stephanie Feldman:

As the chief marketing officer of Power Digital, Feldman will be focusing on implementing integrated marketing strategies across PwC’s digital operations. She will bring together a team of marketing professionals, event leaders, PR & social strategists, and analyst relations experts to drive the company’s digital vision. Feldman brings 15 years of experience as a marketer focused on customer experience and digital marketing. Before joining Power Digital, Feldman was the marketing manager of PwC’s Digital Services division, driving the company’s progressive digital offerings. She also helped elevate work with brands such as Chipotle, Wyndham, and AXS to a new level, earning the company a Fast Company Innovation award.

In her previous role as chief marketing officer, Feldman led a multi-national agency, delivering a growth-oriented strategy and ensuring operations were operationally sound. She has been a keynote speaker at events like MarTech and Social Media Marketing World and has trained hundreds of employees at PwC. She is also an active technology advisor at SPAC. Feldman has been named to the DMN Marketing Hall of Fame and the Women Who Mean Business lists and is also the author of a book called Showing Up Smart. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of California, San Francisco.


The company provides a full range of digital marketing services for national and local brands. It focuses on brand and performance marketing, using a data warehouse and proprietary SPRnova(TM) machine learning platform to drive strategy. As a result, the company can easily track progress in every marketing channel. This allows brands to scale their revenues and profits. If you’re looking for a partner that can help you achieve your goals, Power Digital is the company for you.

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