How to Find a Starbucks Near Me


There are several ways to find a Starbucks near you. First, you need to know where they are located in your area. Second, you need to know what type of beverages they serve. Starbucks is an international coffee chain with locations all over the world. They offer a wide variety of beverages and coffees. You can also look up their hours of operation and other relevant information from their official website. You can even find out more about their Unionization efforts.


There are thousands of Starbucks locations worldwide. You can use a map or a smartphone app to find the closest location. There are also features to help you order ahead and pay in-store. The Starbucks app is available for both iOS and Android. Once you have downloaded the app, you can search for nearby stores and order ahead. Using this method, you can avoid traffic and save money on fuel. You can also find a nearby Starbucks by bicycle mode.

In addition to finding a store near you, Starbucks also offers a map and contact information. This can be very helpful in finding a Starbucks location if you are unsure where to find one. You can search by zip code or state to find the closest location. You can also use the store locator to find the closest locations for coffee and other items. Starbucks has more than 25,000 locations worldwide. You can even search for a location near you to get the latest deals and discounts.

The chain has expanded its operations across the United States. The company now has over 8,000 locations around the world. It has plans to open another 300 locations in its fiscal year 2019. The original goal of 600 stores was lower. The company also operates two pick-up locations in New York City and is expanding this program to the Grand Central Terminal. The curbside pickup service will be available through an app. In addition, customers can now check in their cars and then go to the nearest Starbucks to pick up their orders.

When searching for a Starbucks location, you may want to consider the location’s hours of operation. Some locations are open early in the morning and close later in the evening. However, you’ll have to call ahead to confirm specific hours. Additionally, some locations are open longer on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. You can always use the Starbucks store locator tool to find a convenient location to enjoy your favorite beverage. The more locations there are in a given area, the easier it will be to find one.


If you’re a coffee lover, you probably wonder about Starbucks Hours. They vary by location, but most Starbucks locations open early and close late in the evening. On a weekday, they’re generally open from six until eight, while on weekends and holidays, they may be open later. To make sure you’ll be able to visit your favorite Starbucks location, use the store locator on their website to find out the specific hours of each location.

Many employees have flexible schedules, and the hours they work at Starbucks are usually determined at their initial interview. As such, they should be flexible enough to work during busy times of day and not feel overwhelmed by the schedule. The company also prefers employees to work a minimum of four hours per shift. This allows employees to work more efficiently and avoid overstaffing during busy times. The good idea is to be willing to work more hours but be sure to communicate your availability with superiors.

While most Starbucks locations are open twenty-four hours a day, many stores are closed on certain days of the year. However, on New Year’s Eve and Day, the company pauses its seating at cafes and outdoor patios. In these cases, customers can choose to order at a counter instead. For safety reasons, some Starbucks locations have masks that they require customers to wear when in the store. You should check with the local store before going to a Starbucks on New Year’s Eve.

You can also check out the hours of Starbucks by using the store locator tool on the company’s website. The official website provides hours of operation, but remember that these hours may change if you are traveling or in a location with a high risk of the influenza pandemic. You may also be able to place an order online with the convenience of a shipping company. You can always call the Starbucks customer support line if you need more information.

Cup sizes:

When you visit a Starbucks, you’re likely to notice that the cups have different sizes. This is a little confusing, but it’s all part of the chain’s marketing strategy to attract customers. There are four sizes: tall, venti, grande, and small. The names of these sizes are tied to their Italian translations. Starbucks cups come in various shapes; some can be as small as one ounce, while others are as large as three.

At first, the only cup sizes you could choose were tall, petite, and grande. Grande is Italian for “large” and is Starbucks’s most significant size available. However, the popularity of the Venti size prompted the company to make all its sizes bigger. The Short size is now gone from the menu, and the Venti is the biggest available for both hot and cold drinks. However, not all stores offer all sizes. When you go to a Starbucks, look at the menu before ordering.

The most common cup size is petite. The petite is perfect for smaller drinks, such as lattes. It’s also four ounces smaller than a short. You should order a tall latte with an excellent coffee-to-milk ratio for milky beverages. You can also add more shots of espresso to the tall latte. The grande is Starbucks’ standard, medium-sized cup. However, if you want to order a larger cup, you can request a grande.

There are many Starbucks sizing options for your drinks. While the most common coffee sizes are tall, venti, and grande, they can be ordered in various sizes. The best way to choose a cup is based on personal preference and what you prefer. You may also choose a smaller size if you’re unsure how much coffee you want. So, next time you’re at Starbucks, make sure you know what size you like before ordering.

Unionization efforts:

While Starbucks has opposed unionization efforts in the past, they have formally submitted a challenge to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB will then review the challenge through its established channels. Alternatively, Starbucks can request an expedited review of its case. The unionization efforts at these locations will depend on the workers’ success, who can also seek a higher starting salary. While the process is slow, unions have won several victories in the past.

Since the first Starbucks union election, the number of petitions filed by employees has increased by more than 50 percent. The company has filed for union elections at over 250 locations across thirty states, representing over 6,600 employees. Union elections at Starbucks have won 54 of those elections, with many of these winnings by large margins. In the past year, nearly fifty percent of all Starbucks petitions filed were in favor of unionization. But there’s still a long way to go until all employees can participate in these union elections.

Despite the company’s stance that employees are not entitled to unionize, its workers have chosen to do so. The unionization efforts of Reese Mercado and Hayleigh Fagan came about after a customer assaulted a former coworker, while Hope Liepe was motivated by the company’s hypocrisy. In the past, these workers have been successful in obtaining union representation, even though the company’s policies are viewed by many as un-American and immoral.

Though Starbucks has not yet taken an official stance on unionization efforts, the company has stated that it does not want to become a unionized company. Moreover, the company views a union as unproductive and potentially damaging to its business model. Therefore, Starbucks prefers to communicate with employees directly. However, the company’s recent anti-union campaign has only fueled the unionization efforts at Seattle’s Denny and Broadway locations.

Openings on holidays:

Consider calling ahead if you’re looking for the latest Starbucks opening hours. Some locations will be closed or operating on a limited schedule during the holidays. However, most locations will be open as usual. Check out the official Starbucks Locator tool to see when each location will be open. The hours listed below are typical holiday opening hours for the coffee chain. You can also check if Starbucks is open on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day.

Many people will gather with friends and family for the holiday season at a coffee shop. Starbucks is a perfect choice for a festive atmosphere, offering a variety of specialty coffees, beverages, seasonal snacks, and gift cards. The company is open all holidays except Christmas, although they may have reduced hours on certain branches to accommodate employee breaks. In addition to coffee and snacks, Starbucks also offers holiday gift cards, which are great gifts for family and friends.

When you visit a Starbucks, it’s essential to check the hours before you leave home. Many locations open at 5 a.m., but some close an hour later. Most are open from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., although you should check before traveling to avoid crowds. Also, note that some locations are closed on major holidays. For example, Thanksgiving and Christmas are prime times for coffee drinking.

In addition to holiday hours, Starbucks will also be open on New Year’s Day and Memorial Day. Generally, Starbucks stores open at 5:30 am and close at 8:00 pm on these days. You should know beforehand if your local Starbucks will be open on the holidays. For more information, visit their official website at

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