Fragrantica : The Ultimate Guide

Fragrantica The Ultimate Guide

Fragrantica is an online fragrance encyclopedia, perfume magazine, and fragrance guide. It is also a community for perfume enthusiasts. Perfume lovers gather on Fragrantica to discuss their favorite perfumes and share their knowledge. Fragrantica is one of the most popular online fragrance communities. Almost one million users visit Fragrantica each month.

Fragrantica is an online encyclopedia of perfumes:

Fragrantica is an online encyclopedia of perfumes and a community for fragrance lovers. It was founded in 2007 by Elena Knezevic and Zoran Knezevic. Both are well-known in the fragrance community and have many other interests. Elena is the Editor-in-Chief and has worked on various successful internet projects. Zoran is responsible for Fragrantica’s technology and marketing.

Fragrantica was founded by two creative people who love perfume. The founders are two people with a background in writing, painting, and film photography. They both share a passion for fragrance and have a keen interest in perfume chemistry. The Fragrantica team also includes an assistant editor who is an avid fragrance lover.

Fragrantica has a huge community and lets you explore perfumes from different countries. It also informs readers about new launches and famous fragrances. The site also features perfumes from lesser-known brands. With over seventy thousand registered users and a database of more than seventy thousand perfume reviews, Fragrantica is one of the most popular perfume websites.

Fragrantica is an encyclopedia of perfumes and a community of fragrance lovers. Fragrantica provides information on fragrances from various countries and cultures. It also provides an overview of trends in the popularity of different fragrances. The Fragrantica community is a great place to learn about the history of different perfumes.

Fragrantica Is a community for passionate perfume lovers:

Fragrantica is a website that unites people who love fragrances. Its founders are Elena Knezevic and Zoran Knezevic. Elena is the editor-in-chief of the site, and Zoran is the founder and technology manager. Both were born in Russia and have extensive experience in technology and web projects. They also have a background in the history of art and music and have worked with leading companies and brands.

The Fragrantica website recently announced the launch of a new fragrance brand called Nateeva. The collection is inspired by the indigenous flowers of exotic islands. Fragrantica readers can sample the new line of fragrances, which range from body creams and Eau de parfum to scented candles.

The Fragrantica team is led by two women who have been involved in the perfume industry for years. Sanja Pekic is a writer and painter who joined the team in 2008. She enjoys classical music, martial arts, and photography. She enjoys writing about perfumes and is passionate about the history of the industry. Fragrantica also has a team of editors.

Helen Augusto, a Brazilian author, and translator has always been interested in fragrance. She worked for Givaudan for 20 years and is now a freelance writer and blogger. She writes about the fragrances she finds unique and original. She also blogs about her own favorite perfumes.

Fragrantica Is a perfume magazine:

Fragrantica is the result of an ongoing collaboration between perfume lovers and writers. The team includes perfume connoisseurs, fashion designers, and journalists. Founded in 2008, Fragrantica has grown into an international brand. Editor-in-chief Sanja Pekic hails from Sarajevo, Bosnia. She is passionate about perfume and specializes in the history of perfume making. Other team members include Sandrina Bogdanovic and Italo Pereira. Sandrina is a writer and perfume enthusiast, and she loves fruity florals and gourmands.

Fragrantica was founded by Elena Knezevic, Zoran Knezevic, and Michael R. Woodruff in 2007. They both studied Slavic languages at the University of Michigan and later lived in Belgrade and Sarajevo, where the idea for Fragrantica was born. They currently live in California. Zoran Knezevic, the other founder of Fragrantica, has an extensive background in Internet technology. He has also worked on a number of successful Internet projects and is responsible for fragrantica’s technology, marketing, and sales.

Fragrantica is an online perfume encyclopedia and perfume magazine. Its community of fragrance lovers keeps its readers informed about new launches, famous fragrances, and unknown scents. The site is independent and available in twelve languages. It is an excellent resource for those who love perfume and fragrances.

Fragrantica is the only perfume magazine in the world to use an algorithm that analyses fragrance notes and scents to suggest a winning fragrance for a person based on their personality. The site’s curated list of fragrances is updated daily, and you can follow fragrance reviews from a variety of sources. Fragrantica has been around for 20 years and has a loyal following among perfume lovers.

Fragrantica Is a fragrance guide:

Fragrantica is a fragrance guide that is easy to use and has an easy-to-understand structure. It lists fragrance notes and is organized loosely by primary scent categories. It also lists subcategories. These subdivisions are especially useful when navigating large fragrance categories. For example, amber is a popular fragrance category, and there are numerous subcategories within that category.

The Perfume Companion is a new book devoted to the topic of fragrances. It is the work of two multi-disciplinary writers who have concurrent careers in blogging and perfume making. It was first released in the UK earlier this fall and is now available in hardcover in the US.

Fragrantica’s notes react to your own odor:

The Fragrantica notes react to your odor, making them unique and personal. There are fourteen fragrance families, including woody, spicy, floral, fruity, and aromatic. Each fragrance has different primary notes, so by studying your own odor, you can determine which fragrance family is best for you.

Different Types Of Fragrantica Scents:

Fragrantica is an online fragrance directory. It is an essential tool to help you find the perfect scent for your style and personality. You can find fragrances by theme, fragrance brand, or scent name. With a simple click, you can browse hundreds of fragrances that are available to purchase. Once you find the perfect fragrance, you can customize your shopping cart, order samples, and enjoy free shipping.

Acqua di Cuba:


The scent is warm, fresh, tobacco-like and evocative of Cuba. It brings to mind cigars and spiced rum. Acqua di Cuba is perfect for the long hot summer. It is priced at $125 for 100 ml and is available from Santa Maria Novella. It was launched in 1998.

It is a bold and colorful fragrance that aims to attract attention. The name Acqua di Cuba means “Water from Cuba”. It’s also a brand name, Santa Maria Novella Of Acqua di Cuba. However, it has many other names, including Qian Diao Shi Bai Feng Mi, Zhong Diao Shi Bai Feng Mi, Ji Diao Shi Pi Ge, and Xiang Cao He Mu Zhi Yuan Su.


Opium is an exotic perfume that has a very distinctive scent. It is oriental, floral, and spicy. It was first introduced in 1977 and was given a new bottle design in 2009. The perfume’s scent starts with fresh bergamot and quickly transitions to an intense Sambac jasmine, clove, and myrrh, before ending with a warm base of patchouli. It is available as a 50 ml Eau de parfum.

Opium has several scents that are a blend of different plants. This unique scent is particularly reminiscent of the richness of the Mediterranean. Opium fragrantica is an extremely popular scent in this category. It is a rich, warm, and woody scent that is reminiscent of oriental spice. It also contains notes of amber, ginger, and musk.

Opium has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. The name is seductive, as is the scent. YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum is a warm, gourmand fragrance. The fragrance is supported by an enigmatic advertising campaign that focuses on empowered women. The enigmatic ads are meant to encourage powerful women to step forward and live their lives with confidence.

Black Opium was released in 2014 by Yves Saint Laurent. The fragrance is a rock-n-roll interpretation of the classic fragrance. It was developed by Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp, and Honorine Blanc. The scent is a blend of coffee, orange blossom, vanilla, patchouli, and cedar. It comes in a dark Opium-style bottle and is a strong, woody fragrance.

Neadea Rose:


Inspired by the ancient myth, the Neadea Collection explores the Sacred Feminine Principle through fragrance. The unique diamond-shaped perfume bottle, decorated with an enameled brass triangle, unveils the authentic and intimate nature of the Divine Feminine. Each fragrance is made with a high concentration of pure oil (30%) and precious aromatics aged for at least 3 months. The collection will launch four different scents in 2020.

Neadea Rose is known to contain a variety of compounds that make it a fragrant flower. Many of these compounds are naturally occurring. The rose is rich in damascones, which are present in raspberries, tobacco, and roman chamomile. The rose also contains benzyl tailgate and phenyl ethyl alcohol esters, which support its sweet honey aspect.

The flower is scented like a velvety, sweet, and luminous bouquet. The rose is complemented by a blend of Ylang-Ylang, Violet, and an oriental woody heart of Sandalwood and dry Black Pepper. The ambery base notes add depth and warmth.

Other constituents of Neadea Rose include phenols (coranol) and peony. Phenylethyl alcohol has a muguet-like odor and is widely used in synthetic rose fragrances.

Le Rayon Vert:

Le Rayon Vert, fragrantica by Eric Rohmer is one of the six films in his series “Comedies and Proverbs.” The story centers on a young lovelorn woman named Delphine, who longs for a summer vacation but has no way to afford it. When her partner cancels their trip to Greece, she seeks a different vacation option. When she is turned down by friends, she turns to the Alps but is disappointed when her travel plans are canceled.

This perfume has a green floral scent that is reminiscent of the forest. Its top notes include Artemisia, while the middle notes are Cyclamen, Gardenia, and Carnation. The base notes consist of Palisander Rosewood, Incense, and Musk.

The film was inspired by the novel The Green Ray by Jules Verne. The story depicts the nuances of loneliness in young adulthood and is a beautiful portrait of young love. The story revolves around an impetuous young girl, Helena Campbell, who vows to never marry until she encounters the Green Ray.

Le Rayon Vert’s guest rooms are sleek and modern. They feature tile flooring, wall-mounted flat-screen TVs, and long, wooden headboards with deep brown bed runners. There are also a number of guest rooms with balconies and sea views. The rooms also feature a separate bathroom with wood accents and white-tiled walls.


The Spice-Amber scent of Luciana fragrantica is a complex and layered blend. Its delicate nuances make it a popular choice. In addition, the perfume features an alkaline note from iris-violet. This combination is enhanced by the velvety texture of white musk.

Basilica Milano Fragranze:


Basilica Milano Fragranze has launched Naviglio, a modern scent with classic Marseille soap notes. It combines bergamot and neroli with citrus freshness. This is followed by a base that includes vetiver and cedar. The perfume is an energizing blend of warm woods and a touch of citrus.

The fragrance opens with head notes of rosemary and thyme. This blend is followed by a woody base that evokes the sturdiness of rafters and benches. The scent also features cypriol and santanamol, which give Basilica its distinct woodiness.

Basilica Milano Fragranze does not have the sweet, floral aroma of its sister scent, but the blend of warm and cold notes gives it a good performance and is up there with the best Milano Fragranze fragrances. If you love floral scents, you’ll probably enjoy Basilica.

Basilica Milano Fragranze is a popular tourist spot, so make sure to visit it when you’re in the city. Its beautiful interiors are an invitation to wander around. Visitors can also enjoy the cathedral’s art collections and the Basilica’s rich and varied flora. The interior is also home to several museums.

Those looking for a new fragrance may want to consider Basilica Milano Fragranze. This Italian perfume is available in a tester bottle.


So, what are you waiting for? Try Fragrantica today and get all the information about the perfumes that your favorite celebrities use.

Fragrantica also tracks how perfumes change in popularity over time. You’ll be able to easily spot a perfume that is loved by many after knowing its track record in terms of sales and social media hype!

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