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The About Fashion Pulis website is dedicated to bringing you the latest celebrity fashion news. The website is curated by a team of professionals and will keep you updated on the latest news on famous people. Whether it’s about the latest celebrity fashion trends, or the latest arrest of a celebrity, the About Fashion Pulis website is sure to have the information you need.

Michael Sy Lim’s Blog Fashion Pulis:

Michael Sy Lim’s blog Fashion Pulis is one of the top entertainment blogs in the Philippines. It features updates on celebrities, showbiz, and politics. This popular blog allows its readers to submit articles and comments. However, it has strict posting guidelines to avoid violating the Cybercrime Law in the Philippines.

Michael Sy Lim, the popular gossip blogger who owns the Fashion Pulis website, is being investigated for libel after a woman filed a cyber libel complaint against him over a previous post. In the article, Michael Sy Lim claimed that controversial model Deniece Cornejo might be suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. The article was based on a leaked Healthway report that was linked to Deniece’s allegations of rape. Michael Sy Lim apologized for his libelous remarks.

In a recent post, Michael Sy Lim expressed his sorrow over the incident. A post was written in both English and Filipino, and the blogger explained his side of the story and promised to fight the libel charge against Liz Uy. In the post, Sy Lim also asserted his freedom of speech and expressed his intention to counter the accusation against her. If the allegations of rape are true, he plans to prove his innocence.

Fashion Pulis is a popular blog that connects fashion lovers with celebrities. The site features exclusive content and news about celebrities. It is also a great source of inspiration for aspiring fashion designers. It has a growing audience and attracts fashionistas from all over the world.

Critics Of The Blog:

Fashion Pulis, a popular blog by fashion designer Michael Sy Lim, has sparked controversy by reporting on celebrity love lives. While some readers have praised the blog’s coverage of celebrity lives, others have found it inflammatory. In November 2015, celebrity stylist Liz Uy filed a libel suit against Michael Sy Lim.

Critics of the blog have characterized the site as “evil,” but Fashion Pulis has not commented on the rumors. The blog is currently under investigation for libel, but the owners have denied maliciously publishing the blog. The blogger has faced lawsuits in the past for posting stories that were deemed inappropriate.

The blog has received a lot of attention from the media. However, many people have expressed concern that the site promotes hate speech against celebrities. The blog uses Blogger, Google AdSense, and G Suite to power its site. The site also uses the same technologies used by its parent brand, Fashion PULIS.

Despite the controversy surrounding fashion blogger Michael Sy Lim, his style is undeniably distinctive. He spends a fortune on his wardrobe and is famous for his signature OOTD post. His outfits are extravagant, from head to toe. He wears a designer shirt with a Hermes Collier de Chien cuff. He also wears jeans from a high-street label.

Michael Sy Lim’s Arrest:

The arrest of fashion blogger Michael Sy Lim at Fashion Pulis last May 15 is a big deal for the fashion blogging community. This is not the first time that Sy Lim has been arrested for libel. Last year, Sy Lim was arrested for allegedly libeling a woman called Deniece Cornejo. The libel case is related to Sy Lim’s blog post that contained confidential medical reports. Sy Lim expressed disappointment about this legal commotion but expressed his hopes that the case will be resolved soon.

The blogger was arrested by the Philippine National Police’s Women and Children Protection Unit for libel. Sy Lim was arrested for posting information on a health report leaked by Healthway which implicated Cornejo. The post based on the report had been criticized by the model’s camp. The blogger has since apologized for the libelous statements.

The police reported that the arrest took place in Makati City. The arrest was made on a warrant issued by the Antipolo court. He was then transported to the CIDG headquarters in Camp Crame. Currently, Lim is being held on P16,000 bail.

While Lim’s arrest was a blow to the fashion industry, it also vindicates their rights to Cornejo. It also sends a message that cyberbullying and victim-bashing are not acceptable. The arrest is an important step toward protecting the rights of fashion bloggers.

In addition to the arrest of Lim, Cornejo’s legal counsel Ferdinand Topacio has filed a cyber libel suit against Lim for publishing an article on his website that claimed Cornejo was suffering from an STI. Cornejo’s lawsuit against Fashion Pulis began in August after the blog published a medical report on controversial model Deniece Cornejo.

The Future Of Fashion Pulis:

Fashion pulis is a collective of brands that collaborate on fashion content. It is a way for brands to reach a wider audience, and it also helps them promote their brand. But the question is, how does it work? And what’s its future? Let’s take a look at this collective and see if it can change the way we look at fashion.

How To Buy And Make Fashion Pulis For Men:

The fashion pulis is a garment worn by men. These garments are often used to cover the arms or shoulders. They are often made of cotton, but can also be made from other materials. Fashion pulis can be worn by men as a fashion statement. This article will explore how to buy and make fashion pulis for men.

Making Men’s Fashion Pulis:

There are many aspects involved in men’s fashion. Style is one of the most important considerations, but there are also other important considerations, such as comfort, functionality, and figure plan. A good men’s fashion pulis should fit all of these requirements. Taking a course in men’s fashion pulis is a great way to learn about all of these aspects. A course like this is ideal for anyone who has a passion for men’s fashion and is interested in creating fashionable clothes for themselves.

To start, you will need basic clothing. Black and other neutral colors are good choices. They will go with many looks, but will never be too trendy or out of place. You can also incorporate bold colors or patterns as accessories or combinations with other items. For example, you can wear a graphic t-shirt with a granny cardigan to update your basic wardrobe. You can also look for cute cardigans at your local thrift store or cedar box. Cropped jeans will also help you to dress up your basics.

Fashion pulis are also a great way to sell wholesale clothes. Men’s fashion is constantly evolving and this makes it important to stay on top of trends. A business that offers men’s fashion pulis can help you keep up with the latest trends while allowing you to access high-quality clothing and accessories at low prices. If you’re a man with a passion for fashion and style, then starting a men’s fashion business could be a good opportunity for you.

You can also start a fashion blog specializing in style and celebrities. These blogs are an excellent resource for finding high-quality apparel at affordable prices. To make your own fashion blog, you should take the time to research and understand what makes a fashion pulis. You can check out Fashion Pulis on Twitter or Instagram. It has become one of the most popular entertainment blogs on the internet. If you’re looking for something similar, make sure to follow the author and his blog.

Fashion pulis are part of the Fashion and Accessories Retail industry and use a variety of technologies to run its blog. Its tech stack includes Blogger, Google AdSense, G Suite, and Gmail.

Online Stores That Offer Men’s, Fashion Pulis:

Men’s fashion pulis can be found at online stores. These stores are a great resource for men who are looking to look their best. You can find the latest celebrity fashions without having to visit a number of different websites. These stores have a small team of experts who curate the styles for men and help them find the right clothes.

The importance of comfort and style cannot be underestimated. Men’s fashion pulis need to meet a variety of criteria to ensure comfort and style. They are also made to complement a man’s figure and function. These three factors should all be present in fashion pulis for men, and one that meets these requirements is the best option. Online men’s fashion pulis are not only available at online stores, but they can also be purchased as gifts for friends who are fashion-conscious.

Fashion pulis are made of cotton, which allows them to breathe easily. Cotton is also an excellent material for undershorts, as it keeps the wearer feeling fresh and comfortable. Online stores offer undershorts that are of high quality. They can be purchased at a low price as well.

Another source for men’s fashion pulis is the fashion blog, Fashion Pulis. Founded by Michael Sy Lim, the blog covers a wide range of topics from fashion to food. In addition to fashion, the site also covers pop culture, politics, and show business. While many people like to read the blog, it has also been criticized as spreading hate and libel.

Buying Men’s Fashion Pulis:

When buying men’s fashion pulis, you should look for basics that are comfortable and versatile. Try black and other neutral colors for a base. These colors can be worn with different styles and accessories to create a new look. Alternatively, you can opt for bold colors and patterns, as long as they don’t clash with the rest of your wardrobe. For instance, a graphic tee with a granny cardigan can give your wardrobe an update. You can also check out thrift stores or cedar boxes for cute cardigans. Cropped jeans with a pair of loafers are another great way to go.

When buying men’s fashion pulis, it is important to take a look at the certification scheme. There are many things to look for in a men’s fashion pulis, including fit, style, and comfort. Pulis that meet all these requirements will be more appealing to men. You can learn more about these aspects by enrolling in a course for men’s fashion. This course will teach you about the different aspects of men’s fashion and how to make your own men’s fashion pulis.

Trends are a crucial part of fashion for men. The fashion world changes fast, so you can’t always rely on the same fashion trends as women. Nevertheless, you can find articles and websites that talk about the latest fashion styles and trends. Whether you’re looking for new clothing to complement your wardrobe, or simply a new piece to add to your wardrobe, Fashion Pulis is a great place to start.

A good place to start with a Fashion Pulis blog is Michael Sy Lim’s blog. His blog has been around since 2011 and has garnered millions of followers. His posts are a mix of personal interests and societal issues. You can follow Michael on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with what he’s up to.

Commenting On Fashion Pulis Posts:

You’ve probably read Fashion Pulis on the internet. It’s a Filipino entertainment blog with a wide variety of topics, including entertainment, sports, and celebrities. The site allows you to submit your own posts and comment on other users’ posts, but the guidelines are strict because of the Philippine Cybercrime Law. If you have a question about a particular post, you can always call the Fashion Pulis support number: 632-8527-121.

Fashion Pulis uses various technologies on its blog, including Blogger, Google AdSense, G Suite, Gmail, and more. It also uses several different social media platforms. For example, its blog features posts from Liz Uy, Solenn Heussaff, and Isabelle Daza, all of whom have had their fair share of negative comments.

If you’re concerned about a certain post on Fashion Pulis, you may not want to comment on it unless you’re an A-list actress or model. There are many ways to comment on Fashion Pulis’ posts, including using the @ symbol, “@,” “@,”@” symbol. However, it is best to use a real name instead of an alias, if possible. That way, you can easily identify the person who wrote a comment.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the new Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. This law will force Fashion PULIS to follow the rules and guidelines of the act. For instance, you may not post the first or last name of a person, unless you have their permission first. In addition, you should not post stories that lead readers to one specific person.

In an interview with Inquirer Lifestyle, Uy said Fashion Pulis was “evil.” However, she declined to comment on the rumored lawsuit filing. The fashion blog was sued for libel last August by Deniece Cornejo after it published a medical report claiming that the controversial model had contracted a sexually transmitted disease. It was subsequently released after posting bail.

Defaming Fashion Pulis:

Fashion Pulis, a social media and blogging star, is now under fire for allegedly defaming a celebrity. The suit was filed after an article published by the entertainment blog made light of the scandal surrounding a controversial model. The plaintiff, a former Miss Universe, is Deniece Cornejo, who sued the blog in August over the publication of the news of her std. She was granted bail and released.

Fashion Pulis is a popular entertainment blog owned by Michael Sy Lim. The site covers various subjects including celebrities, food, and fashion. The blog is widely read, and its author has millions of followers on Twitter. However, some have criticized the blog because it aims to stir up hate and spread rumors.

Fashion Pulis is a blog run by a Filipino blogger named Michael Sy Lim. It covers the latest celebrity news and gossip. The website’s posts often touch on celebrities’ personal lives and reveal their secret relationships. While some find Sy Lim’s content fascinating, others find it offensive. Some even compare it to Perez Hilton’s site. Regardless of the motivation behind the blog, Michael Sy Lim has a large following.

The blog has faced several legal actions for making false claims. A recent case involved blogger Michael Sy Lim’s allegations that model Deniece Cornejo might have a sexually transmitted disease. In response to the report, the blogger apologized. He is also facing a lawsuit for defamation.

Liz Uy, a celebrity stylist, and blogger filed a libel lawsuit against Fashion Pulis blogger Michael Sy Lim. The blogger is accused of defaming her and misusing the public’s opinion about her. While Sy Lim claims that he never intended to hurt Liz Uy’s reputation, the stylist and blogger have denied the claims against her.

The Fashion Pulis blogger is under investigation for defamation after a model filed a lawsuit alleging that he had defamed her. The model claims the blogger leaked her medical report and damaged her reputation. The plaintiff claims that the public has a right to know the blogger’s identity.


Well, there you go! The list we shared above is just the tip of the iceberg. Fashion Pulis also knows about upcoming trends, new designers, and different events that can help shape your fashion taste. So if you are planning to step into a new season with confidence, then this article will be your ultimate guide!

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