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Duly Health

David Nelson was appointed CEO of Duly Health and Care following the unexpected passing of CEO Gary Kasper. Nelson served as CEO of UnitedHealthcare earlier. 14 months after Kasper’s passing, he was hired. Nelson previously served as the insurer’s chief marketing officer. Reller has been the company’s president since May 2021 and it has more than 150 locations.

Duly Health and Care:

DuPage Medical Group has changed its name to Duly Health and Care after more than 50 years. The rising healthcare organization’s new name, which respects the doctor-patient relationship and the organization’s tradition and mission of giving patients more individualized and comprehensive treatment, is in keeping with these values. The healthcare network presently comprises 150 facilities, 900 doctors, and a staff of 900 people.

The Duly logo is a unique creation with a color palette that evokes flower petals or raindrops. There are two portions on it, one of which is vivid blue. At first glance, the logo may be interpreted as “dily,” but closer inspection reveals that it’s actually “duly.” Nexa, which substitutes Proxima and Garamond, is the font that Duly employs for its logo.

Nelson and Dr. Paul Merrick are the founders of the new company. Dr. Bruce Brockmiller, Quincy Medical Group’s founder and CEO, will continue in that role and become a member of Duly’s senior management group. Both Nelson and Reller have a wealth of experience in the medical field and are dedicated to enhancing the patient experience. The common infrastructure will be utilized by QMG and the capacities of both organizations to produce a remarkable patient experience.

Its Physician-Driven Approach:

One of the biggest independent multispecialty organizations in Illinois, Duly Health and Care have developed significantly. To give patients the best care possible, doctors collaborate under his direction. He holds the positions of Chief Physician Executive and Co-Chairman of the Board, and he has played a significant role in Duly’s development for more than ten years.

The doctor-patient interaction is at the heart of Duly Health’s physician-driven philosophy of care. Dedicated to giving patients the finest care possible, the organization is run by a physician. A superb team of administrative and support workers works with the doctors to provide them with care. The organization’s expenses have decreased as a result. This made the experience more convenient for both patients and doctors.

Board-certified medical professionals with training in family medicine are in charge of the Duly Health and Care medical staff. Their doctors exhibit a dedication to honesty, decency, diplomacy, and active listening. The doctors are dedicated to teaching their patients about leading healthy lifestyles. They are passionate about health and wellness and have many years of experience teaching medical students.

Dr. Jean Houlihan is a member of the medical staff at Duly Health and Care and is board qualified in internal medicine. She values being open-minded, listening intently, and communicating honestly. She makes an effort to collaborate with her patients. She is particularly interested in preventive medicine and women’s health. She also takes pleasure in doing yoga and traveling. The Duly Health and Care Charitable Fund advisory board included her as a member.

Its Expansion Beyond Chicagoland:

With more than 1,000 physicians and staff members working across more than 150 facilities, Duly Health is one of the biggest medical firms in the country. The organization provides more than 40 specializations in addition to its main function of primary care. The business recorded net revenue of $1.4 billion in 2018, a 27% increase over 2017.

The South Bend Clinic and Quincy Medical Group were two recent additions to the company’s growth beyond its original focus. With the expansion, the organization has grown to become the Midwest’s biggest independent physician-directed medical group, serving more than 2.5 million patients annually. The organization has a long history in Illinois and is currently growing into Ohio, Indiana, and Indiana.

On September 15, Quincy Medical Group joined Duly Health and Care. Through this partnership, the corporation intends to increase its footprint in the area. In 18 locations throughout Illinois and Iowa, the group comprises 155 providers in 35 different specialties. DuPage Medical, Quincy Medical Group, and DuPage Medical were all combined into one company through the transaction.

Its New Name:

Its new name: The new name also acknowledges the organization’s goal to concentrate on patient-centered care as it continues to grow outside of its current borders. The new name also places a stronger emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship, which is essential to providing patient-centered care.

The organization’s new name respects its past and expresses its desire to provide healthcare as it was designed to be. The transition to the new name will be completed in the upcoming months. When fully functioning, the name will contribute to delivering the seamless care that clients have grown to expect from the company. The change to the company’s name also makes its team members more approachable and welcoming, enabling them to concentrate on providing the best level of care. With more than 900 doctors and 6,000 staff people spread across 150 locations, the company will become the largest physician-directed medical group in the Midwest with the help of the new name.

A Physician-Directed Medical Group Is Duly Health:

The DuPage County region is served by the multi-specialty practice known as Duly Health. Its doctors are committed to giving people of all ages, including children, comprehensive care. Dr. Jean Houlihan, Dr. Shilpa Reddy Cherukupally, Dr. Michael Fitzgerald, and Dr. Matthew Philip make up a medical team. Since 1995, the clinic has been offering top-notch medical services.

Dr. Jean Houlihan:

General internist Dr. Jean Houlihan practices in the Warrenville region. Women’s health, diabetes, and preventive medicine are some of her clinical specialties. She honors insurance policies from other companies as well as Medicare. Elmhurst, Edward, and Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospitals are all linked with her.

Dr. Jean Houlihan is an internal medicine specialist who is committed to working with patients to create healthy lifestyles. She has been working as a doctor in DuPage County since 1995, specializing in women’s health. She attended Rush Medical College in Chicago where she received her medical degree before completing her residency at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center. She received several honors during her training, including the Department of Internal Medicine Award for Outstanding Work and the Robert E. Slayton Prize for Special Competence.

Online evaluations for Dr. Jean Houlihan are very positive. She receives good marks from patients, who give her an overall rating of 4.96/5. She has a workplace at 430 Warrenville Road, Suite 210. In the neighborhood, she also practices at various places. She would be a terrific pick for your healthcare if you lived in the Lisle, Illinois, region.

Dr. Shilpa Reddy Cherukupally:

Otolaryngologist Shilpa Cherukupally, MD, has a main practice in Lombard, Illinois, and a second location in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. She is a Medicare-approved provider with a focus on pediatric otolaryngology. Her residency was done at a hospital connected to Harvard Medical School after she received her medical training at Baylor College of Medicine.

Otolaryngologist Dr. Cherukupally has been practicing for more than 15 years and holds a board certification. Her area of expertise is office-based balloon sinuplasty and other minimally invasive sinus surgeries. Snoring, nasal blockage, and pediatric otolaryngology are among her further areas of expertise. In 1997, Baylor College of Medicine awarded her a medical degree. At the Comer Children’s Hospital of the University of Chicago, she finished her fellowship after finishing her residency. In addition to being licensed by the state of Illinois, she is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery.

Dr. Michael Fitzgerald:

Dr. Michael Fitzgerald, a pioneer in the medical industry, is aware of the value of providing high-quality patient care. His medical attention helped his father, who had been diagnosed with cancer. Additionally, he has taken part in medical mission trips to Mexico, Haiti, and Nepal. He currently sits on the Duly Health and Care Charitable Fund advisory board. He is committed to using his work to improve the public’s health.

A group of doctors who work under the direction of doctors, Duly Health and Care serve the community by offering top-notch medical care. The largest independent multi-specialty group in the Midwest, despite the fact that it is not a hospital. It provides a variety of services, such as spine and in addition to a facility for personal growth, and orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Mathew Philip:

Dedicated only to fostering the well-being of people, Duly Health and Care is a physician-led medical organization. It provides exceptional care at 150 locations throughout Illinois and Indiana with the help of its 900 physicians and more than 6,000 team members. All patients will receive respectful care from the medical staff, which is their commitment. They take care of many different illnesses and medical ailments. The business operates the largest independent multispecialty physician group in the Midwest.

For patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly, Duly Health and Care provide a comprehensive array of medical treatments. In order to do more difficult surgeries with quicker recoveries, the practice uses cutting-edge digital robotic equipment. Additionally, patients can ask for private consultations with physicians and other medical experts. The doctors at Duly Health and Care also offer guidance and support in the areas of money and health. The clinic also has a full-service emergency department and an urgent care facility.

Internal medicine specialist Dr. Mathew Philip practices in Wheaton, Illinois. His residency was finished at the University of Illinois. He accepts the majority of insurance carriers and is associated with Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital. He practices a number of other medical specializations and is board certified in internal medicine.

Duly Health & Treatment offers regular medical care as well as behavioral health services and an Institute for Personal Development. The DuPage County region is home to more than 150 facilities for the health system. Due to its position as the biggest independent multispecialty group in the Midwest, Duly can offer patients the best possible care. to ensure a physician-driven approach to care duly uses a team of specialists under the direction of a physician.

Dr Andrea Bratis:

Dr Andrea Bratis is a skilled doctor and executive who has worked in DuPage County for more than 20 years. Since 2015, she has been a member of Duly Health and Care’s executive team. She is dedicated to offering high-quality treatment that is both inexpensive and available to everyone and has a passion for assisting people.

She loves going on vacation and spending time with her family. She has cared for patients of all ages and trained medical students and nurse practitioners. She is a licensed doctor of internal medicine and Vice President of Duly Health and Care, a medical organization. She belongs to the American Medical Association as well.

Dr. Andrea Bratis likes to read, spend time with her family, and practice her religion. She also takes pleasure in outdoor pursuits like cycling and hiking. She also serves on a number of hospital boards, including the one for the Medical Society of Duly Health and Care. She is a sympathetic doctor who delights in assisting individuals in leading healthier lifestyles.

For more than ten years, Dr. Bratis has been a practicing physician. In 2019, she was chosen to lead the medical association as president. She formerly held the positions of chairman of the critical care and pulmonary medicine departments as well as secretary of the board. She has a great deal of experience treating a variety of illnesses, such as adult asthma and lung cancer. She is passionate about working with her team to deliver top-notch healthcare at a reasonable price.


The largest independent, physician-led medical group in the nation is Duly Health & Care. Its doctors and staff work in more than 150 facilities around the nation and are dedicated to promoting the well-being of the people they serve. This includes employing a holistic care delivery paradigm to enable people to take control of their health and wellness. The facility promotes contact between its doctors and staff and provides convenient individualized care.

With the recent purchases of the Quincy Medical Group and South Bend Clinic, Duly Health & Care is growing outside the Chicago metropolitan area. Former executives of UnitedHealthcare and Henry Ford Health System include Steve Nelson, the company’s CEO. He is dedicated to employing technology to provide patients with better care. Nelson talks about his recent water ski mishap and how it has affected his triathlon preparation.

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