Bitboy Crypto Sues Atozy For Defamation

Bitboy Crypto

Bitboy Crypto, a cryptocurrency startup, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Bitboy Crypto Sues Atozy for Defamation. The startup alleges that the anonymous blog Atozy published defamatory statements about it in late November 2018.

A man known as BitBoy Crypto has sued another man for defamation. Ben Armstrong, who has a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers, has filed a civil suit against Erling Mengshoel. He is seeking US$75,000 from the man for emotional distress. The suit also accuses Armstrong of deceiving and fraud.

The lawsuit seeks damages for harm to the startup’s reputation and business interests, as well as an injunction barring further publication of the allegedly defamatory statements.

Bitboy Crypto is a cryptocurrency startup based in California. In late November 2018, the anonymous blog Atozy published several defamatory statements about Bitboy Crypto. The blog alleged that the startup had failed to deliver on its promises, was scamming its investors, and was engaged in unethical behavior.

The suit alleges that the posts caused significant damage to Bitboy Crypto’s reputation and business interests. The lawsuit requests damages for harm to the startup’s reputation and business interests, as well as an injunction barring further publication of the allegedly defamatory statements.

The Complaint:

On September 26, 2018, Bitboy Crypto filed a lawsuit against Atozy for defamation. In the complaint, Bitboy Crypto alleges that Atozy made false and damaging statements about Bitboy Crypto on social media platforms.

According to the complaint, Atozy made posts on Instagram and Twitter in which he accused Bitboy Crypto of being a fraud and a scammer. The posts caused significant damage to Bitboy Crypto’s reputation and financial stability, the complaint asserts.

Atozy has now been charged with defamation by the Netherlands’ National Prosecution Service. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

This lawsuit is an important step in defending Bitboy Crypto’s reputation and ensuring that anyone who makes false accusations about the company will be held accountable.


Bitboy Crypto has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Bitboy Crypto team of Atozy. The lawsuit is for the defamatory statements that were made about the team on social media and forums.

An important part of any defamation case is determining whether the statements were made with ill will or without legitimate grounds. In this case, Bitboy Crypto believes that the statements were made with malice and were meant to harm their reputation.

The lawsuit is still in its early stages, and it’s unclear what, if any, damages will be awarded. However, if successful, this could be a powerful way for Bitboy Crypto to protect its reputation and ensure that future comments about them are held to a higher standard.

The Alleged Defamatory Statements:

Bitboy Crypto is suing Bitboy Crypto for defamation. According to the lawsuit, the two companies engaged in a public dispute in which Bitboy Crypto allegedly made false and defamatory statements about Bitboy Crypto.

The lawsuit contends that the statements harmed Bitboy Crypto’s reputation and credibility, caused emotional distress and interfered with its business relationships. Bitboy Crypto is seeking unspecified damages.

This is not the first time a company has sued another over online comments. In 2017, Gizmodo Media Group settled a lawsuit filed by Max Levchin, one of Bitcoin’s earliest founders, after they published an article alleging Levchin was behind a fraud scheme.

Bitboy Crypto Legal Proceedings:

Bitboy Crypto has filed a lawsuit against Bitboy Crypto Sues Atozy for Defamation. The suit alleges that Atozy published false and damaging statements about the company online, which has caused significant damage to Bitboy’s reputation.

According to the lawsuit, Atozy made several false and damaging statements about Bitboy in a series of online posts between July and December 2018. These statements include allegations that the company is a fraud, that its customers are likely scammers, and that it is likely insolvent.

The lawsuit seeks damages for defamation, lost profits, and other financial losses incurred as a result of the false statements.

Background Of The Lawsuit:

On July 6, 2019, Bitboy Crypto filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas against Atozy, alleging defamation. The allegations in the lawsuit include that Atozy falsely accused Bitboy of being a scam and engaged in fraudulent business practices.

The lawsuit is based on several statements made by Atozy about Bitboy Crypto on social media platforms. These statements allegedly resulted in damage to Bitboy’s reputation and harmed its business interests.

Defamation is a type of libel that refers to any false statement about an individual that could damage their reputation. In most cases, defamation lawsuits are filed by individuals who have been harmed by a false statement.

Bitboy Crypto is not the only company that has faced allegations of fraud from Atozy. In March 2019, Atozy was sued by Aligma Ventures for similar allegations. That case is still pending.

Ben Armstrong:

BitBoy is one of the hottest names in cryptocurrency. His daily videos are a mixture of tech jargon and crypto jargon, but their goal is to give you advice on how to make money. Armstrong’s advice often comes with a warning. For example, he once warned someone against putting their house proceeds into crypto.

In January this year, Armstrong, who has more than 1.5 million subscribers, suffered a crisis of conscience. In the past, he had accepted payments from cryptocurrency companies in exchange for endorsing their products and services. Today, he says he regrets that practice. His crypto-related videos have become viral, with fans lining up for the latest tip.

As a cryptocurrency trader, Armstrong has become one of the most influential people on social media. Despite the fact that he is a YouTube star, he has yet to reveal the name of his parents. His Instagram verified profile does not give out any information about his parents, but he does mention his grandmother and grandfather.

BitBoy Crypto has become a popular YouTube channel, which is often cited as a source of crypto investment advice. Ben Armstrong has worked in a number of industries before founding his crypto company. He previously served as an executive director at Three Dimensional Life and was a co-host on Beards & Bitcoins. He has two pitbull dogs and enjoys golf in his spare time.

Armstrong’s lawsuit has drawn attention in the cryptocurrency industry, where the popularity of crypto-focused videos has increased in recent years. He has been accused of deception and fraud, as well as of misleading his subscribers. Armstrong claims that he filed the suit to protect his reputation. He also claims that the shady videos caused him emotional distress.

His Youtube Channel Has 1.44 Million Subscribers:

Ben Armstrong is a popular YouTuber who creates videos under the moniker BitBoy Crypto. He has over 1.44 million subscribers and recently filed a lawsuit against fellow YouTuber Erling Mengshoel, Jr. The suit claims that Mengshoel has been infringing upon Armstrong’s reputation and has violated his rights. The suit relates to the cryptocurrency PAMP, which Armstrong claims have been the subject of several YouTube videos involving BitBoy Crypto.

In addition to being a successful YouTuber, Armstrong is the founder of BitBoy Crypto. The channel has more than 1.44 million subscribers and has garnered over 189 million views. The channel covers everything about cryptocurrency and contains over 2700 videos. Armstrong recently expanded the BitBoy Crypto brand on YouTube to include two new channels. The first is a hit network channel that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at BitBoy Crypto.

BitBoy Crypto lives a lavish lifestyle. He has an expensive Lamborghini and lives in a posh home. Ben Armstrong owns separate YouTube shooting setups and has many expensive gadgets. He has also had expensive golden work done on his teeth. He makes his living from various sources. In addition to YouTube, he has an Instagram profile with over 2640 posts and 380k followers.

BitBoy Crypto has received some criticism from the crypto community. While Armstrong is a legitimate YouTube personality, he faces accusations of misleading viewers. His video about BitBoy Crypto received some criticism after a YouTube influencer tried to sue him. The BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel has 1.44 million subscribers.

Bitboy Crypto Is A Crypto Influencer:

Ben Armstrong, better known as BitBoy Crypto, is a prominent cryptocurrency influencer on YouTube. His videos are packed with information about cryptocurrency, project reviews, and trading advice. He delivers a quality viewer experience. He even includes a rundown graphic of upcoming talking points. His content has gained so much traction that he is now one of the largest sources of crypto news.

His controversial comments about Celsius have raised eyebrows in the crypto community. In a report by the Washington Post, Armstrong was accused of being an “unqualified investment adviser.” He denied the claims, telling the newspaper that he does not own cryptocurrencies personally. His statements came after his company’s chief financial officer handled all crypto transactions. BitBoy is a media company with about 70 employees.

BitBoy has a significant following on YouTube and has almost one million followers on Twitter. While it is impossible to measure his influence in the industry, he does have a considerable amount of credibility. His videos are popular, and he accepts big crypto promotions. His YouTube channel has 1.5 million subscribers, and he recently revealed that he made over $100,000 a month through cryptocurrency promotions. Yet when the value of Bitcoin fell, he quickly deleted the videos.

While BitBoy Crypto is a crypto influencer, he is facing a lot of criticism from the crypto community. Among the recent claims made against him include attempts to sue him. This lawsuit, filed by YouTube influencer Benjamin Armstrong, also includes a $100k donation by noted crypto personality Cobie.

BitBoy Crypto has over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and around one million Twitter followers. Despite the fact that Armstrong is not a trained financial adviser, his videos on cryptocurrency are still popular.

Bitboy Crypto Is Suing Fellow Influencer Atozy For Defamation:

Bitboy Crypto, a YouTuber known for his ‘crypto-famous’ videos, is suing fellow cryptocurrency influencer Atozy for defamatory comments. In the video, Atozy reportedly calls Bitboy a “scam artist.” BitBoy has decided to drop the suit, apologizing for the misrepresentation of the lawsuit. While the case is still in its preliminary stages, Atozy’s lawyers have not yet responded to Blockworks’ request for comment.

The YouTuber Atozy, whose real name is Erling Mengshoel, has found Bitboy’s video from 2020. The video promoted the PAMP network token, which eventually crashed to near zero. At the time of the BitBoy video, the PAMP token was only worth a fraction of a dollar. The video ended on a bitter note.

BitBoy Crypto, aka Ben Armstrong, is suing fellow YouTube influencer Atozy for defamatory claims. Armstrong reportedly referred to the BitBoy Crypto channel as a “shady dirtbag” and compared him to a “scam artist.” In response, Atozy’s videos have been banned.

The YouTuber’s video was viewed more than one hundred thousand times in less than 24 hours. As a result, Atozy has publicly requested donations to help fund his legal defense. Although these donations have only totaled around two hundred thousand dollars, the cryptocurrency community has rallied to Atozy’s side. A prominent crypto trader, Cobie, donated $100,000 USD to help the crypto influencer.

While Armstrong has denied the allegations, he has acknowledged that he received payments from crypto companies and could make as much as $100,000 per month from the promotions. He also claimed that he had a “crisis of confidence” in his business practice. Apparently, a fellow crypto influencer made a comment about his upcoming Livestream video. Moreover, Armstrong has reportedly spent the past 24 hours on a Twitter tirade against his critics.

He Doesn’t Own Crypto:

BitBoy didn’t start out with crypto. Instead, it grew into a full-fledged media company, employing 70 people, and raking in millions of dollars. While the exact figures aren’t revealed, the company does provide public information about its net worth.

The rise of BitBoy demonstrates how low the bar is for gaining power in gamified finance. The line between a carnival barker and an investment guru is murky. BitBoy’s YouTube channel features jargon-filled tech-speak and the supposition that there are so many ways to make money in crypto.

The video slandering Armstrong’s name and video was viewed over 166,000 times, with 1,400 comments. The video makes several false accusations, and Armstrong is likely to face criminal and civil charges as a result. Nevertheless, the company does offer cryptocurrency investing advice. BitBoy is a popular YouTube channel, and its content has gained 1.4 million subscribers.

In addition to YouTube subscribers, BitBoy has more than eighty-three thousand Twitter followers. It’s a popular source of information for crypto enthusiasts, and his channel is frequently viewed as the first resource for newcomers. Unfortunately, a large part of his content involves promoting questionable crypto projects, and Armstrong clearly does so for a paycheck.

What Kind Of Damages Bitboy Crypto Is Seeking:

Bitboy Crypto is suing Bitboy Crypto for defamation. They are seeking $10,000 in damages.

As described in the lawsuit, on October 6th, 2018, Bitboy published an article on its website accusing Atozy of fraud and slander. The article listed various allegations against Atozy, including that he had stolen money from investors and that he had lied to them about the project.

According to the lawsuit, Atozy retaliated by publishing a blog post on his website attacking Bitboy Crypto. In this post, Atozy accused Bitboy Crypto of being fraudulent and claimed that they had lied to their investors.

The lawsuit alleges that these comments were defamatory and damaged Bitboy Crypto’s reputation. It requests that Atozy be fined $10,000 for each defamatory comment made and that he be ordered to cease making any further defamatory comments about Bitboy.

Possible Outcomes Of The Trial:

The Bitboy Crypto blog section has compiled a possible outcome of the pending trial between the two companies.

The first possible outcome is that Bitboy wins the lawsuit, as they have evidence that Atozy has defamed them online. This could result in monetary damages and/or a public apology from Atozy.

Alternatively, if Atozy prevails in court, they may be able to argue that their statements were protected under free speech laws. This could result in less severe punishments, such as a public apology or a warning to future users not to speak negatively about Bitboy Crypto

Ultimately, this trial will provide an interesting look into the legal world of online slander and defamation.

The Response From Bitboy Crypto:

Bitboy Crypto didn’t waste any time in responding to the defamation suit filed by Atozy. The company released a statement on its website, accusing Atozy of spreading false information about them.

“We are appalled that Atozy would file this baseless lawsuit in an attempt to discredit and damage Bitboy Crypto,” the statement reads. “Atozy is known for spreading false and damaging information about our team and our project, so we are confident that the truth will prevail in this matter.”

The statement goes on to accuse Atozy of damaging Bitboy Crypto’s reputation and seeking to financially harm the company. The response from Bitboy Crypto is sure to raise tensions between the two companies even further.


Bitboy Crypto has filed a defamation lawsuit against Bitboy Crypto Sues Atozy for Defamation. In the suit, Bitboy alleges that Atozy published false and damaging statements about Bitboy on social media platforms. According to the lawsuit, these statements have caused damage to Bitboy’s reputation and business interests. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact

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