Best Wedding Flower Color Palettes for Bouquet

Best Wedding Flower Color Palettes for Bouquet

A traditional aspect of a wedding ceremony is the bridal bouquet. But that does not mean that it should also hold the classic look or feel. Sometimes, off-beat ceremonies have the best wedding flower color palette. This gives the bouquet a modern touch for the bride of the current age. Contrasting shades paired with your favorite flowers have many pros.

The biggest pros of a vibrant wedding floral color palette are that it’s head-turning. Another pro is the flexibility of showcasing your creativity by choosing eccentric shades. A true testament to your personality and artistic side. Thus, this begs one important question. Why shy away from showing your creative side on the most special day of your life? After all, don’t you want to leave a long-lasting impression on your guests?

We know that it is not an easy task to decide on a color combination for the flower arrangement of the bouquet. This is where we come in. We have compiled a list of wedding flower color palette inspirations. This will help you to make a statement at your ceremony.

Autumnal Clutch

Autumnal Clutch

One of the best flower arrangement color schemes is the autumnal clutch. In this, you can pair white peonies and orange astilbe with peach roses. For an extra flavor, you can sprinkle in some greenery. This bouquet will give both an elegant and rustic feel.

Unexpected Pop

A wedding flower color palette is an unexpected pop. In this, you can choose to add two-tone greenery to the bouquet to bring out the vibrancy. Copper bottoms go best with green leaves. This creates an orange flash from the bottom. This will become an eye-catching attraction for the guests.

Dramatic Contrast

One of the most exciting floral arrangement color schemes is the dramatic contrast. You can pair jagged and dark Japanese maple leaves with white and fluffy rose buds for that grand look. This will look both elegant and vintage.

Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors

Another wedding flower color palette is having complementary colors in your bouquet. In this, you can pair yellow garden ranunculus and roses with sweet peas, tulips, and violet lilacs. This will make a wonderful creation. This will give the feel of a bold bouquet color palette.

Fiery Balance

Fiery balance is one of the trendier flower bouquet color combinations. You can add blue flowers to mellow scarlet blooms for a dynamic and balanced arrangement. You can make use of icy delphinium and cobalt thistle. This will be in contrast to the red protea, berries, and dahlias.

Green, Yellow, and Pink

For a beautiful bridal bouquet, you can pair three shades together that are unique. The wedding experts pick out pink flowers and colorful leaves. Further, you can add a touch of the mint eucalyptus. This clutch can get the final touches with a ribbon with a rich amber tone.

Springy and Bright

Springy and Bright

One of the wedding flower color palettes is the bright and springy combination. This is the embodiment of a celebration in the springtime. In this, you can pair pale sapphire with bright peach tulips or garden roses. This is especially high contrast and can be the focal point of the wedding.

Neon Flora

For a modern touch, you can incorporate vibrant flowers in contemporary color schemes. In this, you pair purple delphinium with bright orange ranunculus and pink-and-red poppy. This will bring out the best of the bouquet and make you a bride to remember.

Moody Dahlias

If your wedding has a darker edge to it, you can heighten the moody value of the event. This is possible with a deep burgundy dahlia arrangement. It is quite uncommon to see dark dahlias at a wedding, but this will make your ceremony stand out. Pair the dahlias with white anemones to add dimension.

70s Wildflowers

70s Wildflowers

A unique wedding flower color palette is buying inspiration from the ‘70s. Pairing pink garden roses, and blue delphiniums with orange-and-yellow poppies is the best. They will help you bring the retro feel. This will be an interesting arrangement. Further, it will bring nostalgia to your parents and grandparents.

Diffused Peonies

For a more subtle and minimalist approach, the diffused peonies arrangement is the way to go. Pair dark purple-and-green leaves with pink peonies to tone down the vibrancy. This would also work as a great contrast where light meets dark.

Ombre Transition

Ombre gradient is a next-level idea for wedding flower arrangements. From the top, you can sprinkle some yellow buds. This will then transition to pink, red, and orange flowers in a cascading fashion. This will give a rustic feel to the ceremony. Make sure that the palette matches the color scheme of the wedding.

Lively Tropical

Lively Tropical

An exotic flower arrangement for bouquets is the lively tropical. In this, you can pair berries, clematis, peonies anemones. These are vibrant for a bouquet and give you a tropical and lively feel. The highlight of this arrangement is the grouping of the purple and red buds.

Romantically Rustic

For a mix of bohemian and romantic, the romantically rustic is the best palette. In this, wheatgrass can have a pair with burgundy dahlias, gold anemones, and peach peonies. This will be a bouquet that will enchant the younger generation. This will be for the reason of its unconventional appeal.

Beachy Hues

A refreshing wedding flower color palette is the beachy hues. It is a wonderful combination of red, blue, and orange blooms. This will create a dramatic look that will fit the seaside venue you have chosen. The flowers that look the best are the cobalt florals paired with some greenery. You can also pair them with some tangerine buds


A beautiful ceremony is all about its attention to detail. The bride’s wedding bouquet is the final garnish on an elegant and majestic look. Thus, it is vital to choose a color scheme that complements the venue and the bride in the most natural way. This list has given you many options to choose from and make the most of your special day. We hope you have a lovely ceremony, filled with laughter and joy!

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