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Baileys Gym

If you are looking for a gym that offers quality fitness classes and premium membership, you may want to check out Baileys Gym. Baileys Gym has many benefits for its premium members, including free classes, tanning, and massage beds. However, a normal membership can also give you access to all the gym’s facilities. No matter what your fitness level, you will find something to do at Baileys Gym.

What You Should Know About Baileys Gym:

Before you join Bailey’s Gym, here are some things you should know. You’ll learn the Dress Code for non-fitness instructor positions, the Equipment available, and the Drug Test Policy. You can also find out about the Orientation sessions held for new employees. We hope that this information helps you find the perfect place to work.

Employee Data:

Bailey’s Health And Fitness is a chain of health clubs headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. It operates primarily in the Health Club business/industry and the Amusement and Recreation Services sector. The company has been around for 32 years. It has approximately 9 employees across its locations. Employees are primarily female, with approximately 75% being female.

Baileys Gym has a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior and abuse. In this case, the gym has no record of the member’s prior contact with her mother or disability. It also does not have a record of whether the employee has ever been a member. The gym will no longer provide the member with services if the member does not comply with their policies.


A member’s request to terminate a membership or transfer to another location has been denied. The gym has a zero-tolerance policy regarding abusive language or hostile environments. Bailey’s Senior Management team has contacted the individual to discuss the matter. The member’s repeated disobedience of the gym’s Children’s Play Area policy and his/her disruptive behavior were discussed. The member was also reminded of Bailey’s policies, which require all members to abide by them.

The gym is open to all levels of fitness. To assist members, the staff offers free orientation sessions and educational seminars. Unlike many chain gyms, Bailey’s emphasizes education and motivation. When applying for an opening in Bailey’s, make sure to emphasize your passion for fitness and your desire to help others.

Bailey’s Health And Fitness employees earn an average salary of $41,280 per year. The average tenure for a Bailey’s Health And Fitness employee is 4.0 years. The company offers health and fitness facilities in Jacksonville, FL. It employs approximately 25 people. The majority of these employees are women.

The Baileys Gym has multiple locations in Jacksonville, FL. If you’re planning to walk to the gym, Moovit makes it easy to find alternative routes and times with real-time traffic information. Its free app helps you find the best bus or train time to ride to Baileys Gym.

Cost Of Membership:

Currently, the cost of membership at Baileys gym is $25 a month. This is higher than the average cost of membership at other gyms in Jacksonville. The cost of a membership is determined by the type of membership chosen and the number of visits each month. The gym also charges a one-time processing fee for new memberships. However, there are discounts available for seniors and people with disabilities.

While membership at most gym chains is affordable, at Bailey’s gym, it costs around $3380 a year. It’s recommended that members be at least 15 years of age and a Parental Consent Form must be signed by a parent for minor children. This is because Bailey’s Health and Fitness wants members to be educated. As a result, the gym offers a variety of educational workshops and seminars for its members.

Groupon For Bailey’s Gym:

Baileys Gym is a Jacksonville gym that offers personal trainers and an array of workouts. It also offers easy parking and bike racks. The facility is clean and spacious. It is located near a waterway and offers easy access for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Bailey’s offers a variety of Groupon deals that can save you money on a membership.

The gym offers various membership plans that can help you meet your goals and improve your health and fitness. It also offers many fitness classes designed by industry experts. You can also sign up for one-on-one personal training sessions with a fitness guru. The equipment at Baileys Gym is modern, and it offers cardio and strength-training machines, as well as free weights for those looking to pump up their muscles.

The Baileys Gym website features a list of available coupons and deals. Clicking on an offer will take you directly to the website. Once there, you can click the “Add to Cart” button to apply the discount. You’ll find the latest offers on this page. Baileys Gym is always updating its page, so check for new offers to save money on your membership.

The Baileys Gym website is easy to use and navigate. You can even access the gym’s website using a mobile application. The application is free to download and works on every device. Plus, it’s fast and easy to use. You can also manage your virtual wallet through the app and save payment details so that you don’t have to enter your credit card information each time you visit the gym.

You can also use promotional codes and coupons for Baileys Gym. Using these coupons and codes can double your savings. Some of these codes can be used once, while others will have restrictions. You may also need to check if the coupon code applies to sale or clearance items. Once you’ve applied the code, the savings should appear on the website.

Hours Of Operation:

Bailey’s Health and Fitness is one of Jacksonville’s largest health clubs and has been in business since 1981. With 17 locations in Northeast Florida and Brunswick, GA, this gym is home to over 1800 group fitness classes each month. The gym welcomes members of all ages and fitness levels and offers free orientation sessions to help new members get started. It also provides a tanning bed and a pro shop with fitness supplements.

A customer of Baileys Gym recently complained of their money-hungry business practices. She claimed to have resigned her membership but the gym did not keep a record of her documents. She also stated that she had submitted relocation documents, but the gym had no record of them. The gym also reportedly does not allow members to cancel their membership until they sign a cancellation receipt.

Bailey’s Health and Fitness does not require drug testing, although other national chains do. However, it’s important to stop using any illicit substances before applying them. Applicants who have a felony conviction should avoid applying to this gym. However, Bailey’s does hire felons on a case-by-case basis.

Orientation Sessions At Bailey’s Gym:

Orientation sessions are designed to introduce new members to the equipment in the gym and increase comfort levels with the gym’s equipment. The sessions also help new members learn proper weight lifting techniques and forms. To schedule an orientation session, simply ask the front desk. These sessions are free and take about an hour.

Bailey’s Health and Fitness is one of the best fitness gyms in the Jacksonville area. It offers a comprehensive selection of cardio and resistance exercise equipment and encourages customers to try different types of exercises. The gym’s instructors also teach team sports. They are ready to help new members achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the fitness equipment, Baileys gym is home to over 1,800 group fitness and virtual Les Mills classes every month. For new members, you can take advantage of free first-month membership. You don’t have to pay any extra to join the gym, and you’ll receive all the support you need.

Equipment Available At Bailey’s Gym:

Bailey’s Health and Fitness is a great place for people of all fitness levels to work out. They offer free orientation sessions as well as educational seminars and workshops to help their members stay fit. In addition, the fitness center takes pride in being different from other chain gyms. When applying for a job at this fitness center, make sure to highlight your love of fitness and your desire to help motivate others.

Members can use a variety of exercise machines and free weights to reach their goals. They can also participate in group fitness classes or one-on-one personal training sessions with a fitness guru. Many of the fitness equipment is available for 24 hours, so you can work out whenever you want.

Bailey’s Health And Fitness is located in Jacksonville, FL. Memberships are only available to people who are eighteen years of age or older with a parent’s signature. Children under the age of eight are not allowed in the gym. In addition, guests are required to wear tops while working out. Tee shirts and sweatshirts are acceptable tops. Workout shorts should cover the buttocks at all times.

The gym is a smoke-free environment. The gym has strict policies against smoking and the use of tobacco products. It is also a drug-free workplace. Employees must be at least 18 years old to work at Bailey’s Health and Fitness. The company offers management and fitness instructor positions. The age limit for all positions is eighteen. While the hiring process may be lengthy, the job offers a lot of opportunities for advancement.

Dress Code For Non-Fitness Instructor Positions:

The dress code for non-fitness instructor positions at the Baileys Gym varies depending on the position. Generally, you should wear a black collared shirt, black pants with a black belt, and a black workout top. You should also wear a name tag and lanyard with your name. You can also wear business casual clothes if the job requires you to attend a special event. However, you can also wear jeans in certain positions.

Bailey’s Health And Fitness, Inc. is a retail company that specializes in selling bicycle parts, accessories, and sporting goods. The company is based in Jacksonville, FL, and employs approximately 25 people. Employees are approximately 75% women and 25% men.

Applicants must be at least eighteen years of age to work at the Baileys Gym. Individuals under the age of 18 must have a parent’s signature. Those with past due balances are not permitted to enter the building. While working out at the gym, applicants must wear a shirt. Tee shirts or sweatshirts are acceptable. Workout shorts should cover the buttocks.

Drug Testing Policy At Bailey’s Gym:

If you’re considering working at Bailey’s Health and Fitness, you should be aware of its drug testing policy. This is common practice for national gym chains. If you want to avoid getting caught, stop using illicit substances a few weeks before you apply. This will ensure that you’re a clean candidate.

To be admitted to Bailey’s Gym, you must be at least 18 years old or have a parent’s signature. In addition, you can’t use tobacco products or drugs inside the gym. Also, you’re not permitted to bring outside personal trainers into the gym.

Baileys gym has been a top health club in Jacksonville, FL, since 1981. They now have seventeen locations throughout Northeast Florida and Brunswick, GA, and offer over 1800 group fitness classes a month. Members can work out on individual machines, use cardio equipment, and lift weights. They also offer one-on-one training sessions with fitness gurus.

Average Salary At Bailey’s Gym:

Before applying, you should prepare a resume that highlights all of your relevant experience. You should be honest about your past jobs, but you should also sell yourself by pointing out any skills that may be transferable to Bailey’s. For example, if you were a fitness instructor, play up your past experience to sell yourself as a good fit for this job.

Bailey’s Health And Fitness pays its employees an average of $261 per hour. However, this salary can vary depending on the department and job duties you perform. Some positions pay more than others, while others pay less. Pay rates at the gym are dependent on your education, experience, and skill level.

To apply for an open position at Bailey’s Health and Fitness, you should be at least 18 years of age. The company prefers applicants with fitness backgrounds and a passion for helping others. You should include your fitness goals and journey on your application. You should also be over eighteen years of age in order to be considered for a management position or a fitness instructor.

The salary range for this job ranges from $30,000 to $66,500, with the top earners making $105,500 per year. However, this is just an average range; it can vary based on location, years of experience, and more. You can find out more about the average salary at Baileys gym by visiting the company website.

Business Philosophy:

A key part of Baileys Health and Fitness business philosophy is the belief in educating its employees. Since gyms can be intimidating places, they look for individuals who can educate their guests on healthy living and fitness. As such, they look for applicants who have knowledge of workout routines and varying workout routines and are willing to spend time educating guests.

Baileys Gym In Northeast Florida:

If you have a family and you want to take your kids to a local gym, consider visiting Baileys Gym. The gym offers group fitness classes and tanning beds, and it hires felons on a case-by-case basis. You can learn more about this health club below.

Baileys Gym Is A Small Health Care Company:

Bailey’s Health and Fitness is a small health care company that values education and fitness. The company is interested in finding people who love the health industry and want to share their passion for fitness with others. The company also provides free orientation sessions and holds educational seminars and workshops. As a result, it takes pride in being different from larger chain gyms. If you’re interested in working at Bailey’s, be sure to include your passion for fitness in your cover letter and resume.

Employees at Bailey’s Health And Fitness earn an average salary of $41,280 per year. Bailey’s Health And Fitness is a small health care company based in Jacksonville, FL. The company employs about 25 people and has a diverse workforce, with approximately 75% women and 25% men.

Before applying for a job at Bailey’s Health and Fitness, you should complete a background check. This background check will look for felony convictions and misdemeanors. In addition, it will look for relevant work experience. In your resume, be truthful about any previous jobs. If you’ve worked in a health club or fitness studio, play up your experience there.

Baileys Gym has a zero-tolerance policy for abusive language and a hostile environment. After reviewing the case, the senior management team determined that ceasing the relationship was in the best interest of all parties. The company is willing to review the member’s request for a refund but requires that they sign a Cancel Receipt.

Baileys Gym Has Tanning Beds:

If you are looking to tan your skin, consider going to a gym that has tanning beds. These beds are often cheaper than tanning salons and they don’t charge the tanning tax that the US government requires. Also, they will save you time. You’ll have the opportunity to tan before or after your workout.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to get to Baileys Tanning Bed, try using public transit. Moovit has a detailed map and real-time fare prices, making it easy to plan your trip to and from the Baileys Tanning Bed. Moovit also lets you buy transit passes for specific routes, which can save you money on tickets.

Most Bailey’s locations offer tanning beds for members. Unlimited tanning is available with select gym membership plans. Members may inquire at the front desk to learn more about membership packages. Some gyms also offer tanning services as an additional fee. In addition to offering tanning services, Bailey’s Fitness Centers also offer a variety of other amenities. You can book a private or group session with a fitness professional. Bailey’s Fitness Clubs have fourteen locations throughout Northeast Florida.

Baileys Gym Offers Group Fitness Classes:

Group fitness is a great way to get fit. At Baileys Gym, you can participate in various types of classes. From water aerobics to boxing, you can take advantage of their classes to get in shape. These classes will help you lose weight, increase your energy, and improve your overall health. Fitness trainers will help you get the most out of your workout and help you develop confidence.

For example, you can use a boxing class to increase your lung power and build strength. It will also boost your overall conditioning and relieve stress. The gym also has a large variety of fitness equipment that you can use, including cardio machines and strength training machines. In addition to group fitness classes, Bailey’s also offers one-on-one training with a fitness guru.

Baileys Gym Has Lockers:

Guests who want to use lockers at Baileys Gym must check in at the Pro Shop during regular business hours. If they do not, they are not permitted to use the gym’s facilities. Out-of-town visitors will be charged $10 for a one-day pass. Area residents may try out the gym once free of charge on a day pass. Guests must be at least 18 years old or have a parent’s signature to check in.

There are six showers in the men’s locker room. Despite its small size, the men’s locker room is kept clean by the maintenance staff. There is also a good supply of lockers. The gym has a clean and welcoming environment and I would recommend it to anyone.

Baileys Gym Offers A Pro Shop:

Baileys Gym offers a variety of fitness classes, a group fitness studio, an expanded free weight area, tanning beds, and a pro shop where you can buy workout gear. The gym also rewards customers for referring friends and family. It is located in Northeast Florida and currently operates 14 clubs.

The gym has a full range of cardio and resistance training equipment. A pro shop and team sports coaches are available to help customers develop their skills. Fitness gurus are available for one-on-one or group training sessions. The gym also offers 24-hour exercise accessories to help you tone your muscles.

The gym also has a children’s play area for children to use. While the gym is not a Day Care Center, children should be supervised by an adult. If they are injured or have any type of medical condition, they should be checked with a physician prior to exercising at the gym. Photography and cell phones are prohibited in the gym. Members should not bring outside personal trainers to the gym.

Baileys Gym is a top health club in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. With 17 locations throughout Northeast Florida, the gym offers over 1800 group fitness classes each month. Using Moovit is a great way to get to Bailey’s Gym. The app even offers live directions to local stations.


Now that you have read everything we have about Baileys Gym – it turns out the gym is not what you expect! Yes, it offers top-notch facilities and classes in a very friendly environment.

So next time you are planning to visit the gym, don’t forget to bring your friends and family with you as well. At Baileys Gym, everyone can feel like a fitness pro!

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