Apple Watts – Urban Model, Rapper, And Her Accident

Apple Watts

Apple Watts was a supporting cast member on the show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She played a stripper who was also an aspiring rapper. She was a close confidante of A1 and became a point of contention when A1 got into a fight with RoccStar. The show also showed that she got a breast augmentation under local anesthetic.


Apple Watts is an American singer, actress, and reality star who is also an exotic dancer. She rose to fame after appearing in the hit TV show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Known as ‘The New Cardi B,’ she came from an impoverished background, but now she is one of the most sought-after performers. She weighs sixty kilograms (132 lbs) and is 167 cm tall. She has dark brown eyes and a 34-26-35 body measurement.

Apple Watts is currently single and has three children. Her children include a daughter and two sons. She is currently working out a relationship with her father, who wasn’t involved during her childhood. However, John Watts doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with his daughter. Apple has also been a big part of the supporting cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season Five. Her Instagram is full of fans who follow her.

Jontelle Lafaye Watts, also known as Apple Watts, was born in 1985. She is the daughter of author and memoirist John Watts. Her father was absent when she was growing up, and only six years ago did the two of them reunite. She also follows Christianity.

Apple Watts has a net worth of $1 million and has three children. She is a model, a TV personality, and a rapper. She has a bold physique and numerous tattoos on her body. She has three children, but she hasn’t revealed who they are from. Apple Watts’s birthday is May 16 and she will be 36 years old in 2022.

Apple Watts is an American model and a social media personality. She has also appeared in music videos for popular celebrities. She was born on 16 May 1985 in Los Angeles. She has no siblings. She is of Afro-American descent and follows the Christian religion. Apple Watts’ height is five feet and five inches. She weighs about sixty kilograms.

Apple Watts’ net worth is estimated to be $1-5 million. She has an Instagram account with over 130,000 followers. Apple Watts’ zodiac sign is Taurus. She is married to musician and music producer, Richard Watts. The couple has three children. They have not disclosed any details of their relationship, however.

Apple Watts was born in 1985. She was born in Alta Loma, California. Her full name is UPDATE SOON, but she is more known by her nickname, Apple. She is 36 years old. She is the ultimate icon for the younger generation. The followings are her traits and characteristics.

Apple Watts rose to fame after she appeared on ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’. She has appeared on the show twice. The actress has also recently responded to Ari Fletcher’s recent statement. Ari Fletcher said in a podcast that she should “get out of the house.” Apple Watts has since replied to the comments.

Jontelle Lafaye Watts Is A Dancer:

Jontelle Watts is a dancer and singer. She is also known as Apple Watts. She was born in 1985. Her father is a well-known memoirist, who wrote the book The Rollin’80s. The two were never together when she was growing up, but they reunited six years ago. Watts has three children and is currently 36 years old.

Watts completed her schooling at the Edawanda School. She later went on to attend El Camino College to pursue a degree in criminal justice. She is of African descent and holds a US nationality. She weighs about 60 kg and does not disclose her shoe size.

Watts’ early career was as an exotic dancer. However, she soon branched out into modeling and acting. She worked in music videos with artists such as Future and Chris Brown. She also has an account on the website OnlyFans, where she offers her pictures and videos to fans. The site charges $35 USD per month and contains images of her that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

The dancer also appeared on the VH1 hit show “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.” Her storyline followed her journey from dancer to music artist. She also spoke about the challenges that Black strippers face in the exotic dance industry. The accident remains under investigation, and drugs are not believed to have been a factor.

She Has Appeared In Music Videos For Ty Dollar Sign, Future, And Snoop Dogg:

The young artist is no ordinary dancer-turned-rapper. Her impressive repertoire includes appearances in music videos for Future, Ty Dollar Sign, and Snoop Dogg. She’s also an accomplished songwriter and has released several songs of her own. The latest of these is “Fade,” which is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

A Grammy Award-nominated rapper, Yo-Yo is a community activist and a member of the Love & Hip Hop franchise. She was raised by a Puerto Rican father and an African-American mother. She rose to fame in 2007 after recording a number of hit singles and videos on the Billboard Hot 100. She had previously been cast as Bow Wow’s baby mama, but her character was fired from the show three months into taping. She was later cast in a storyline with Hazel-E, although she later claimed that the relationship was a fabricated part for television.

Ashley Graham is another talented young actress. She began her career as a stripper before deciding to make it big. She’s now the face of various major artists, including Ty Dollar Sign, Future, and Snoop Dogg. She’s also a social media influencer who works on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Snapchat.

The actress has been linked to several high-profile musical projects. Her most notable work includes music videos for Future, Ty Dollar Sign, and Snoop Dogg. As a performer, she is a highly sought-after performer. As well as appearing in music videos, Apple Watts has also been featured in several TV specials. A recent appearance in the special “After Party Live” featured her as a “celebrity girl”.

The singer is currently working on a single song that will be released later this year. She is a friend of the Norwoods and is an important part of their family. She has three children and has been in a relationship with Ty Turtle. She is a big tattoo lover.

She Is A Model:

Apple Watts

Apple Watts is an urban model, rapper, and video vixen who was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. She is an African-American who is 35 years old. She grew up in the foster care system, but found her niche as a stripper and model, eventually starring in hip-hop music videos. Apple is the mother of three kids from prior relationships.

She has three children, two sons, and a daughter. She has also had a romantic relationship with basketball player Ty Turtle. Apple has numerous tattoos and is committed to her career. At the age of 21, she started her career as a stripper in Los Angeles, where she starred in music videos. In addition to her modeling career, she has appeared in music videos for artists including Future.

Watts has been a popular model for over a decade. She has gained a large Instagram following after joining the supporting cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season five. She has a total of over 250,000 followers. She began posting pictures on her Instagram account in July 2012. She has three children named Richard, Kali, and Miyaki. Her stepfather, John Watts, is an attorney. She also has children from a previous relationship with a rapper named Ty Dolla $ign.

While Apple Watts’ recovery has been slow, she has been able to speak on the phone. She has been receiving speech therapy. Her fans have high hopes for her family.

She Is A Rapper:

Apple Watts is a rapper who was recently involved in a car accident. The rapper was traveling in a Mercedes when it collided with a Ford F250 pickup truck. The impact caused the Mercedes to flip multiple times and eventually catch on fire. The driver of the pickup truck managed to save Watts.

Watts is a mother of three children. She has a brother named Kapone Red and a cousin named Bailey MyHeart. She holds US citizenship and is a member of the Christianity religion. Her ethnicity is African. Apple Watts was previously a stripper who indulged in pornography under the alias Ms. Apple Bottom. She became popular after joining the cast of the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She also has a large Instagram following.

Apple Watts was raised in the foster care system in South Central Los Angeles. Her early life was a bleak one. She later starred in strippers’ videos and got noticed by hip-hop artists. She was even cast in a music video by rapper Future. She also has three children from previous relationships.

Apple Watts’ real name is Jontelle Lafaye Watts. She is a renowned tv personality, model, and singer. She is also a memoirist. Her father, John Watts, was not around when Apple was growing up and only six years ago, Apple Watts reunited with him. She is 35 years old and is active on social media. On Instagram, she has more than 12,000 followers. She also has a Twitter account.

Despite her age and physical limitations, Watts is making slow steps toward recovery. Her current physical challenge is balance while sitting on the edge of her bed. However, she is improving and her family hopes to transfer her to a new hospital as soon as possible. In the meantime, fans can donate to Watts’ GoFundMe campaign to help her through this difficult time.

She Is A Television Personality:

Apple Watts

Apple Watts is an American singer and exotic dancer. She rose to fame as a cast member of the television series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Before becoming a television personality, she was a stripper in Los Angeles. She worked for famous celebrities and even appeared in their music videos. Currently, Apple Watts is a popular figure in the entertainment industry and has many fans.

Apple Watts’ real name is Jontelle Lafaye Watts. She has many tattoos on her body. She has three kids and is 36 years old. She is the daughter of John Watts, a former singer, and memoirist. Her mother did not play an active role in her life, but they met again six years ago.

In a recent Instagram video, she appeared to address the situation. Ari Fletcher tried to diffuse the situation, but Apple Watts interjected the discussion and criticized him. She also made a connection between Fletcher’s podcast comment and the victims of domestic abuse. Apple Watts has three children from previous relationships.

Apple Watts is a social media star and singer, and she is also a popular Instagram life-size model. She is known as ‘The New Cardi B’s, and she has an enormous fan base. Her fans are enamored with her talent and the way she handles herself.

The television personality has suffered a car accident. She was traveling to Las Vegas from Los Angeles when she got in the wreck. The Mercedes that Watts was traveling in collided with a pickup truck. Both vehicles were flipped over several times, and the Mercedes that Apple was driving was completely flipped. After the accident, her car burst into flames. After the crash, Apple Watts was airlifted to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Her sister spoke to The Shade Room about the accident.

Apple Watts And Her Sister, Jontelle Lafaye, Are In Critical Condition After A Car Accident:

Apple Watts

Apple Watts is one of the most popular YouTube stars of all time. However, she was recently involved in a car accident that left her with a broken skull. In this article, she discusses the car accident and what happened to her sister, Jontelle Lafaye. While it’s not clear if she will make a full recovery, we hope that she does.

Jontelle Lafaye Watts’ Sister:

Apple Watts is an urban model and video vixen. She was raised in the foster care system in South Central Los Angeles and rose to fame as a stripper. She has appeared in music videos for YG, Chris Brown, and Future.

Apple Watts was in a serious car accident on Wednesday. Her car flipped several times. During the incident, she was thrown out of the vehicle. Her sister said she is unresponsive at the moment. Her injuries include a fractured skull and a broken spine. Her injuries may prevent her from being able to walk or feed herself.

The reality star’s sister is upset and has started a fundraising campaign to support Watts’ care. Hazel Brown, Watts’ power of attorney, has visited Watts’ sister’s home to check on her. Her room was overstuffed with items and her injuries made it difficult for her to move around. The sister was also complaining about being unable to get enough rest.

Apple Watts is recovering from her injuries in the hospital. She suffered fractures to her skull and backbone and shattered bones in her arm. She is currently receiving treatment at University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Several friends and family members said that her recovery would be tough. Despite her injuries, Apple Watts has continued to make a name for herself in the music industry. She has even appeared in music videos by Future.

Apple Watts appeared on two seasons of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Her sister had recently gotten involved in a car accident. She was ejected from her vehicle and suffered multiple injuries. In response to the accident, Apple’s sister spoke with The Shade Room about her sister’s recovery.

Apple Watts is recovering from her injury, and she is doing speech therapy. She is trying to regain her balance. Her recovery will be slow, but her sister promised fans that she will be back on her feet soon.

Apple Watts’ Car Accident:

Apple Watts is in critical condition in the hospital after a car accident in California. She sustained major injuries and a fractured skull, and her life is now on the line. She was traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas when her Mercedes Benz collided with a Ford pickup truck, causing it to flip multiple times and explode in flames. She was thrown out of the burning car and was pulled from the wreckage by a passenger in the pickup truck. The accident is still under investigation and authorities are trying to determine what caused it.

Apple Watts’ car accident occurred on Interstate 15 in Baker, California. The crash caused the car to catch fire, and she was flown to a hospital in Nevada for “major injuries.” Apple Watts was a regular on the popular reality show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, where she detailed her journey from a stripper to a rapper. She also tried to heal her relationship with her mother and achieve her dream body. In her second season, Watts underwent a breast augmentation.

The show’s castmates sent their condolences to Apple Watts’ family after learning of her accident. The actor was ejected from the car several times and suffered serious injuries. Fortunately, paramedics arrived and rescued her. The accident left her unconscious, but she has recovered enough to speak, according to her sister.

The Love & Hip Hop star was involved in a car accident while traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. During the crash, her Mercedes flipped several times and caught fire. The accident caused multiple injuries, and Apple Watts was ejected from the vehicle, according to her sister.

Her injuries are not life-threatening, but she may find it difficult to walk or eat alone. Authorities have said that drugs and alcohol did not play a role in the crash. Their investigation is continuing. Watts was the subject of a series of music videos, including Future’s Wicked. Her car accident happened on I-15 partway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. A Ford F-250 pickup truck crashed into her Mercedes, causing her to flip.

The car’s manufacturer may be liable for the accident. A product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer may also result in Watts being barred from insurance coverage. In addition, the government or Caltrans may be responsible for negligent road repairs.

Apple Watts’ Fractured Skull:

Apple Watts, the star of the hit reality show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, has suffered a serious car accident. The car she was driving collided with a diesel truck and flipped multiple times, sending her flying out the window. Fortunately, her passenger in the pickup truck rescued her, and she was airlifted to a local hospital. However, she remains in critical condition.

Despite being unable to move, she was still conscious, and her family and friends hoped for the best for her recovery. Apple’s injuries could make it difficult for her to feed herself, walk or even do basic daily activities. Her sister and cousin have both asked for prayers and messages of support.

Fortunately, the pickup truck’s driver did not appear to be impaired by alcohol or drugs. Her passenger in the truck was able to pull her out of the burning Mercedes and drive it to the hospital. The pickup truck driver was also hurt, but his injuries were not considered severe. Although Watts is conscious and breathing on her own, she has not yet been able to open her eyes or communicate verbally. Her family has said she may never be able to do even basic everyday tasks.

Fans were quick to express their shock upon hearing the news of her accident and hoped that she would recover quickly. Her social media accounts have been flooded with well-wishes since the accident. Fans of Love & Hip Hop have expressed their confidence in her recovery. So, now the question remains, what will happen to Watts’ career?

Though the exact cause of the accident has not yet been determined, doctors have said that there is no indication that drugs or alcohol were a factor. In addition to the fractured skull, she also suffered a fractured arm and a broken spine. Her injuries were so severe that she may not even be able to feed herself or walk normally.


Jontelle Lafaye Watt is a popular tv personality, singer, and model. She is also the daughter of the famous author John Watts. Her father is famous for his memoir The Rollin’ ’80s. Although he was absent from her childhood, the two reconnected six years ago.

Watts started her career as a dancer and eventually thought about modeling and acting. Later, she decided to become a model and got offers for television shows and music videos. She also maintains a profile on the website OnlyFans, which charges $35 USD per month for access to her pictures.

Watts was one of the stars of the hit show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, which was aired on VH1. Her storyline focused on her transition from a stripper to a music artist. During her time on the show, Watts also talked about the challenges Black strippers face in the industry. Her crash is currently under investigation, but it is not believed that drugs were involved.

The video vixen’s sister has been keeping her updated on her recovery. She has been away from the spotlight since the accident, but a recent Instagram post from her sister confirms her good health. Her sister has started a GoFundMe page in order to help her recover financially. Currently, she is undergoing rehabilitation at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Her recovery will be difficult, but she is now back on the road to recovery.

Apple Watts is also an American rapper and television personality. She is often referred to as “The New Cardi B.” She was born in Alta Loma, California. She is currently 36 years old. In her earlier years, Watts was a stripper.

Apple Watts joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood during the fifth season. On the show, she was a stripper and a rapper. She got caught up in a rivalry between A1 and RoccStar and was managed briefly by Shun Love. She has a complicated relationship with her father John Watts. After a DNA test, she cut ties with him.

The accident occurred as Apple Watts was driving north on the I-15 highway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. While she was driving, her Mercedes made contact with a Ford F-250 pickup truck which caused the vehicle to roll over. As a result, her Mercedes was flipped multiple times before stopping. A Ford F-250 pickup truck also crashed into Apple Watts’ car, causing it to flip multiple times and ultimately stop.

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